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First Circus

On Tuesday of this past week, I went to probably my first EVER circus. It was called the Wa-Wa Shrine Circus. It wasn’t a huge circus like Cirque Du Soleli. But it was a circus for me anyway :).


All the acts unite at the beginning

There was a fair amount of acts like clowns, acrobats and a sword balancing.  Personally my favourite part (s) were the sword balancing and the clowns.

There were horses, but they were the only animals there. One act was a Clydesdale and a tiny little midget horse. The tiny horse kept biting the huge Clydesdale.  All the Clydesdale wanted to do is get away from the little horse and the ring. So he left the ring a few times.  I laughed. Clydesdales I read are normally very stubborn and hard to train. All in all it seemed actually well-trained – minus the trying to escape parts.


The Great Mikal (I think that’s how you spell it)

Another act with the horses were the acrobats.  It was pretty cool because the horses actually ran around in a perfect circle while letting the acrobats who were doing tricks on their backs. Tricks were done like flips on the horse and jumping over spears ( I think they were real because I saw them shining) and a bunch more. The sword balancer and assistant were dressed like Pirates of The Caribbean. It was cool  because he had this little sword then balanced bigger swords and other things like axes on top of the little sword. If you were there or went to one of the shows (I don’t know where in Saskatchewan though ;)) then you probably would think it’s cool too 😀

The clowns were cool too, one of the clowns also doubled as the ringmaster. I think he was my age but I don’t know because of the dark. The oldest clown was riding a lot of bikes. Two of which were the smallest bikes I have ever SEEN!!!!


The ring master who I think was around my age. I would love to be able to do something like this.

There was souvenirs and food like all circuses have. Personally I think they should lower the prices. For example, a bubble gun was being sold for $20 bucks whereas I know you could buy it elsewhere $5. But, the circus is a way to raise money for the Shriners for the children that they help.  They also need the money to keep hosting shows like the one I went to.  It was a good show.


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