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Heelying On By

This week I was really mad.  On facebook I follow Skyzone in Mississauga.  I have been there two or three times.  It is EPIC.  I saw on facebook that they were making it even better.  They added basketball hoops so people can dunk like their favourite NBA stars if you had one.  I really wanted to go but I remembered … I was here not there.

They also made Ontario better by finishing Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.  It’s at the base of the CN Tower, which is my favourite place to go when I lived there.  I have read 3 of the Ripley’s books and they are fun!!

I wanna go back and live there again.

But I’m here.  I know I can’t go back so I found another way to keep myself occupied.

This Friday, my Mom, Dad and I went to Walmart . I had my Heelys on. Heelys are shoes, but not any regular pair of shoes. Heelys are shoes with wheels on the heels of the shoes (hence the name Heelys). So anyway, we were in Walmart. I had my phone. We made 2 videos. And 2 MASTERPIECES were born!!!!!!

This is what you do in a small town in Saskatchewan and there’s nothing to fun like Skyzone and Ripley’s to do.  I was HEEELAARIOUS!!!

And in other news, can you guess what I was for Halloween for a party I went to?


One Direction !! Get it?!?!?!

Boredness Can Really Get to You

I am writing this because I’m extremely bored and have no clue what I should do. I now am going to give 6 ideas. If your also in the bored boat then this is the post for YOU!

1. Watch television

2. Play video games

3. Go on the computer

4. Play your Nintendo or whatever mobile electronic you got

5. Exercise so you don’t get in trouble from doing the last four I listed

And finally


Hope this helped for you bored peeps. See you soon! Thejessmeister out, PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Minot Of Life

This weekend my family went to Minot, North Dakota. I have to say it’s not Buffalo, but still an amazing experience!  To get there – well it kinda of made my mind go bonkers! We passed some cows and just when I thought that was it for now Saskatchewan decided to put cows right beside the others. My mom in the morning said, “Look out your window!!”.  I said ” it’s not like I’ve seen my last cow!”

It was about another 3 hours until we got to the border. The Border guard checked our car trunk and all 3 of us felt just a tad bit uncomfortable. Going over the border in Ontario, we’ve never had our trunk checked.  It was really different.  In Ontario there is 5 million cars going across.  In Saskatchewan there is a negative of 5 million.  It was different.

We got over and I immediately was surprised. Why you might ask.  Well I’m going to tell you! North Dakota is like an American Saskatchewan! I’m telling you flatness for miles! That was until awhile later when I saw hills. Then I felt better. But still it was kinda freaky considering this was the first time I’ve been to Minot.


North Dakota – an American Saskatchewan!!

The first thing we did was go to the mall to eat. I got chicken nuggets and fries from a place called JJ’s Steakery.  Thumb’s up to the people who made it. For dessert we went to a place called Cherryberry’s ( I now call it Heavenberry’s because that’s how good it was!)

A masterpiece of diverse frozen yogurt and sherbet, and about 10 toppings :)

A masterpiece of diverse frozen yogurt and sherbet, and about 10 toppings 🙂

After we went shopping at Target.  I got a squishy toy skylander and a box of candies called Big Box of Boogers. I’m not joking that’s the name.


My boogers 🙂 LOL

Then we went to the candy shop.  I saw America’s largest gummy bear ( there were about 10 that I saw and they were huge!) I settled for a bag of toxic waste gum, Harry Potter chocolate frog and Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans.  All bought with my own money!!  I had the beans on the way home.  They were both disgusting and good.

When we were done shopping . We went to check in at the hotel. It was a nice place. My mom stepped out for a moment, and I hid under the throw.  When she came back she couldn’t find me for a few seconds. It was hilarious!!!


Mommy will never find me!!!



We went to the waterpark and for the slides I rated them like this:  (1 being fun to 10 being freaky)

Orange- 5
Yellow- 1
Blue- 9


A stellar hotel water park

It was time to leave and I went back to the room. I wanted to go to the arcade before bed and I did! My dad took me for that.  I got 149 tickets and got some cool prizes.

The next morning we woke up early and got breakfast which consisted of bacon. Always better with bacon! Breakfast was done. We packed up and left for some last minute shopping. After we were going to Walmart but ended up not going.  I was sad.

North Dakota was a good place to go for the weekend. I love visiting the States!!  The people are nice and they have such cool stuff.  I would go back, how ’bout you?

Bored Genius



Bullying- Bullying is unacceptable especially toward kids.

Bullying is when a kid is either teasing, harming, or taunting another kid.  It makes the kid who is being taunted, harmed or teased feel really bad and don’t deserve to live.  And that’s not right. – my own definition.

At my old school I was not bullied.  The motto was  “be a buddy, not a bully”.  If there was bullying I don’t know about it.

Yesterday, I fell victim to verbal and physical bullying.  For a few weeks he has made faces at me.  Not in a good way.  He has glared at me for no reason whatsoever.  He told me to get away when I went to the swings.  He snatched MY phone from my hands and I had to say give it back at least 10 times. I did not stop till he gave it back to me.. He found out my locker code and blurted it aloud to the whole class.  It’s a word lock.  I would mix up the letters and go out for recess.  When I would come back it spelled my word combination.

Someone else spread rumours that were not true about me.  Saying I was spreading rumours about the boy.

I told my parents.  I told my principal and teacher.  They helped me.  They supported me.

Yes, it was dealt with.  The kid who was bullying me did apologize and I said it’s fine we’re good. But I know it could start up again and I need to be prepared!!  I’m actually nervous it might start up again.

I think I handled it well at the start because I stood up for my rights because I was being treated bad.  I did stand up for what I knew  was right and brought down the power that the bully thought he had.

I know that everywhere kids are committing suicide because of bullying.  I know that together we can stop bullying and help kids to not be a victim.  To stand up to those individuals who think they own the kids that they pick on. We are all the same, no one is different and no one can be perfect. We have to annihalte bullying so kids live their lives peacefully.

This is a good website to help kids know what bullying is and how to stop it.  http://bullyingcanada.ca/content/239900

PS.  This one my  mom helped me edit because I had a lot of thoughts.



When you’re in a place like Ontario, opportunities come like a snap. There is so much you can go do and see.  But when you’re in Saskatchewan, things to do are more harder to find then in Ontario. For me, I’ve had to look in my small town for things to do.  And let’s just say I’ve never been so busy in my entire life!!! Some of these things include…

Jessica approved

One of my new profound hobbies. Drawing!!!


Another one. Guitar!!!

I also took up soccer,drama and of course, BLOGGING!!!!! Now I have a ton of things I can do!!

So,to all those kids who are having a bit of difficulty finding things to do  in a new province they had to move to. Trust me, things you like to do will come, just you wait!!!

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