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Soccer And Santa Clause

Twas a quiet week and all through Saskatchewan not a single sound until soccer started today.

Today, I had a soccer tournament. It was pretty much a Tuesday practice on a Saturday.  It  was still a lot of fun!!! I have to say since the beginning of the soccer season here in Saskatchewan, I’ve been getting better and better. Although we lost, it still was a lot of fun playing the game.


An action shot of yours truly 🙂

After the soccer tournament,  we went to Wendy’s which is a fast food restaurant with amazing fries. I was so hungry after playing 2 hours of soccer!! When we finished we headed over to the Santa Clause parade. It was a short and fun parade. I got so much stuff from it. In Ontario, I mainly got candy canes.  Here I got a candy necklace and bracelet.  Gummies.  Jolly Rancher lolly-pop.  And of course candy canes.   It was very cool and it looked delicious.  I can’t wait to devour them!!


My 1st Saskatchewan Santa Clause parade

Nothing else happened this week.  It was quiet week and I had fun.

How was your week?

5 Months (going on 6) Anniversary

It’s been five months going on six of being in Saskatchewan. WOW!!! Time does fly!!! Although we’ve been here this long I still get waves of homesickness at the most unexpected times in the days. Also, I still have mixed feelings about this move.

Photo Effects

Feeling Sad and Homesick

Although I have those feelings and the homesickness, I still have done stuff I’ve never done before!! Things like:

Traveling like no tomorrow – I’ve done so much traveling I haven’t seen tomorrow.  I’ve been to North Dakota and all over most of Saskatchewan.  I’ve seen Manitoba and a lot of Ontario.

I’ve volunteered at places.  My favourite is the SPCA and the white husky I walk.

Gone to a football game.  They really like football here.  That one gave me the chance to say I don’t like football.

Doing many after-school activities I never could do before like guitar, drama and soccer.  Before we could only afford one after school activity.  Here I can do a whole bunch.

Photo Effects (1)

Feeling OK 🙂

It’s been fun here and all.  I really do prefer Ontario though because I’m a Toronto girl and proud of it.  I want to go Ripley’s Aquarium so badly.  I’ve lived near Toronto all my life.  I miss it a lot.  I’ve got to do a lot of stuff since I’ve been in Saskatchewan. I have had a really good time and have a lot of opportunities.   It was for the best moving here, I don’t regret coming!!!

But hopefully there’s a chance we go back 🙂

It’s snowing cats and dogs

Yesterday was the very first day my parents and I began volunteering at the animal shelter. We walked 3 dogs, Sprite, General and Dakota. It was fun, but it was really cold. I got to walk Sprite all the way around. She was a husky mix.  It was really fun.  Sprite cuddled with me a lot!!


Sprite and I, Buddies til she gets adopted

When we got back we needed to warm up, so we went to see the cats and kittens. I felt bad for them being in those cages, especially the family of cats.

It was time to leave the cat room, so we went to see if we needed to walk another dog and we did. I was not allowed to walk him though, he was too energetic and all muscle. I was sad, but I also did NOT want to be a human parachute. So I let my parents take turns.

After the walk, my mom said I did so well that I could play with the cats in the glass room. They were flocking around me. I felt so LOVED!!!

I still don’t really like being in Saskatchewan.  I still want to go home. I realized I should be glad that I’m helping the poor animals though here.  By doing this I realized all animals are not being treated the way they should be.  People are dropping them off at animal shelters and leaving them.  I hope people become responsible going to buy or adopt an animal.  There were too many of them there.

There is also a benefit to  volunteering at the animal shelter- KITTY-KAT HEAVEN.

Cat Heaven. Benefits of volunteering

Cat Heaven. Benefits of volunteering

We Day And Sask. Sleepovers Number 1

Two things I am going to write about today: We Day and my first EVER Saskatchewan sleepover with my good friend.

We Day- We Day was the most awesomest thing I have ever been to in my entire LIFE!!!

In case you did not know what We Day is you can read my previous blog post called We Week.

We had to be at a high school to catch a bus to Saskatoon. I had to get there by 5:45am or I would miss it. The bus we were on was a charter bus and the seats were so comfortable!!! It took about 3 hours and when we got there it was a big relief to stretch my legs. We were there for the whole day!!

We got inside and my jaw just dropped. It was the coolest stage I’ve ever SEEN! Sadly, our seats were way at the top so we couldn’t see that well. There was bag on all the seats.  All the kids got a We Day Kit to help us help our communities.


I’m pretty sure the pencil was made from a straw wrapper and the bracelet was one of my favourites. It lit up like a flashlight.

The show started and immediately I hear 15,000 people SCREAM. The performers included people like Shawn Desman, Spencer West, Craig and Marc Kielburger and so much more.

My mom gave me money so I could buy this cool shirt that had ALL the performers on it and where We Day Takes place on certain days in different places.


My favourite part was the youth speakers Vishal Vijay and Hannah Alper. Hannah talked about a girl  named Malala and Vishal talked about Iqbal Masih. Both Iqbal and Malala were fighting for something they believed in.  Malala fought  for the right of girls getting an education, and Iqbal fought against Child labour. Both were either killed or almost killed, but that did not stop their legacy.  If you click on their names, I have linked it to their stories.  Read them – they are inspirational.


National Chief Shawn A-In-chut Atleo – national Chief of the Assembly of First Nations


Vishal Vijay – 12 year old youth speaker. Hannah Alper – 10 year old youth speaker was on the stage with him. I have a picture of her but it’s blurry.  It was cool to see kids my age being youth speakers in front of so many.

All the people inspired me to help be the change.  Meaning I can help make a difference in the world by doing things like raising money and helping people.   It felt good to know there was a way to help.  My family will start volunteering this Saturday at the local SPCA (animal shelter).  I want to look at other things to.

The other thing is I had my first Sask. sleepover.

It went on like any other sleepover would, but the fact that it was my first one in the new province I live in, makes it a special one. Plus it was a great boredom killer for a day.

We Week

This upcoming week (Wednesday November 6) I have been chosen to go to We Day Saskatchewan.

We Day is a concert and public speaking event that inspires young people like you and I to help change the world. It was founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger, co-CEO’s of Free The Children.

I’m happy because this event is going to inspire me to help make a bigger change in the world.  I may not be able to make a huge contribution the way the speakers do, but I can still contribute to my community and help the world in other ways.  Some ways to help the world is to raise money to help a less fortunate girl get an education.  Maybe I can get my school to raise money for a well.  I don’t know.  The people who are going to speak have a lot of experience with making a difference and that will make it all the more inspiring. 🙂

I’m excited because my family has decided to volunteer at the animal shelter.  I’ve volunteered at Big Brothers Big Sisters once.  I’ve donated things to a shelter.  Back in Ontario my mom and dad used to be in social services and use to take me to a couple of things.  I realized since then I want to help make a difference.  Not everybody has had the experiences I’ve had.  We always have done little things to help.

People who are speaking include

Hannah Alper- child blogger and youth speaker for We Day. You can follow her adventures at http://www.callmehannah.ca

Spencer West– We day ambassador and double amputee

Craig and Marc Kielburger- We day founders an co-CEO’s of Free the children

And so much MORE!!!!!!

I will be posting pictures on my instagram and twitter the day of!!  I hope you follow me and see what I have learned about making a change at We Day.  A band called Neverest will be playing!!  Who knows maybe one day I will have worked enough and be privileged enough to help in the way the speakers have been able to.

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