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YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Last week of school, you know what that means! Summer Vacation!!

And, hoo boy do I have plans. I know what you’re thinking “what are your plans?” Well, I’d tell you… but, I can’t really. I mean, as much I would like to… I know most of what my family and I are doing. I have plans for other stuff. We are going out of Saskatchewan for a trip.   It’s going to be AWESOME. I’m being honest about how awesome it’s going to be because I have had one HECK of a year I wouldn’t want to do again.  Moving from home to here where I have no friends,starting a new school – again – because of bullying, and barely  getting  to know the people at my new school before summer starts. I was starting to like them but, my new school I’m currently at is just too far. And, I’m talking other side of town far.  So in September I’m going to a new school. 

We also are going on to 1 ish years of being here.

I’ve learned this past year I can be as tough as a rock.  When we first moved here I felt broken off from the world.  Everything that has happened, I have not accepted any guff.  Also I learned that respect has become a big part of my life.  To get respect you need to give respect. 

In other news:

I will be going to the sand dunes here too!!   I am really excited because this is a new experience for me and I think it will be fun. I can’t wait to tell you about them in another post. 




Comments on: "SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER … almost" (2)

  1. Oh you are sooooooooo lucky – our summer vacation is in a month!

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