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I learned … again… on a weekend

I learned – all through today. It was pure torture I tell you, pure torture ūüôā It was just complete anarchy.¬† First place, Doukhobor, set in Veregin – population of a grand total of 42. Then, Kamsack, the town near a mountain of ducks a.k.a. Duck Mountain. (At least I think it’s near there).

First I had to get up early. It’s a normal thing to do, on school days!! Not on a WEEKEND!!¬†I’ve been doing this all weekend. At around¬†9 o clock , my parents dragged me along to the car ( not literally though :))¬†We set off.¬†¬†It took about 45 minutes to an hour to get there, but we passed the time with music!! Ahh good ole music to rock and wake up your mind.

We arrived at Doukhobor National Heritage Village. The main building was locked so we called the museum.  A man came to unlock all the buildings for us.


Can you see me?


Who’s that looking in my window?

My favourite part out of all of it was when we went into the schoolhouse/banquet hall. There were a whole bunch of benches in the back and chairs in the front. I said while pointing at the benches “Poor people section” and then I pointed at the chairs and said “Rich people section” It was a hit with my parent’s……………… I guess you had to be there.¬† It was funny.


Benches in the back, really nice chairs in the front.

After we took a tour of Veregin – population 42 – a minute later we completed the tour.


A lot of stores look like this in Veregin

We then took off to the ‘ Garden Of Saskatchewan’ a.k.a. Kamsack. I found a house there that reminded me of a house in Mississauga. We also went to¬† the Kamsack museum. I saw so many things, like an Ontario College of pharmacists diploma, Old toys, old guide and scout uniforms, olden days gas pump and many more.


A redneck limousine (JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE NO HATE)


I could be in the Corner Gas movie!! ūüôā I’m a natural!! (Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge)

It wasn’t the weekend I was hoping for, but it was cool ūüôā

Want to know more? Head on down to Veregin and/or Kamsack or check out the links below.





Nintendo 3DS XL

Really good gaming system

Really good gaming system

I know I am doing this a day late… but, I have a very good reason.¬† This weekend we had a garage sale.¬†¬† I had to get¬†rid of a lot of stuff.¬† But it was worth it.¬†¬†¬†I had scrounged up all the money I made in the garage sale.¬†¬†I did well.¬† I sold books, webkinz, clothes.¬† With¬†the help of my mom, I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL and the game Animal Crossing. Trust me when I say this, it was worth every coin and bill. This is why I am saying this.

Unlike any other Ds generation, Nintendo has created the most amazing handheld¬†gaming system yet. From 3D graphics to Internet, Nintendo 3DS is pretty much like a mini WII. When I first got it,¬†I was just amazed. When I saw the features on the box, I was in awe. I mean, who wouldn’t?! It has a 3DS Camera, MII maker, Internet Browser, AR Games, which is pretty cool, Face Raiders, also pretty cool and so much more!! My favourite feature is the MII maker. Just like it describes, like on WII, you can make the caricatures that are called MII’S, but on 3DS. I have already made 11 MIIs and that is ¬†in technically, 1 full day. There’s another thing, Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is a game I bought along with the 3DS XL. Animal Crossing is a game where you are on a train and, you are approached by a cat called Rover. He asks if he could sit across from you. You can say Yes, or you can say no. I always say yes as I made two files. The first file¬† I named my character Jess as that’s my name. I named the town where I’m going on the game Jesstown. As soon as I arrive in Jesstown, a group of¬†animals surround me, one thing after they think I’m the new mayor. I try to say I’m not, but the sheep named Isabelle who’s my secretary says I have a great sense of humour. To buy a house, you have to pay 10,00o bells. To get that you have to pick up resources then go to sell them at the Re-Tail shop. When you get the money, Tom Nook the owner and builder says he will start tomorrow and then asks what colour roof you want.

Nintendo 3ds is an awesome handheld game system.


Disclaimer: All of this is my opinion, other people may think otherwise.




Mothers and Mother Fish

Today¬†¬†was Mothers Day.¬† We went on a trip to Fort Qu’Appelle.¬† It was an interesting time.¬† From ice cream to the Fish Hatchery, Fort Qu’Appelle sure is the place to go.


My Fort on the hill

From where I live to Fort Qu’Appelle is just over¬†an hour. Luckily for me, it only felt like 10 minutes. That is because I had the glorious thing of technology with me. Ipads and phones make time go by quick in the car.

When we first got in we went to eat at a place called Valley Bake And Coffee Shop. I got pancakes, Delicious Bacon (everybody should love bacon!!!) and home fries a.k.a fried potato bits. I don’t usually eat them, but they were pretty good though – ¬†I will admit that. Then, we set out on the Fort Qu’Appelle roads.

I think I might be model material, don't you ;)

I think I might be model material, don’t you ūüėČ

As you can tell by the picture displayed above, we went to ‘The Fort’ thinking it was some really cool attraction. In my case, I thought it was a¬†theme park. Oh, how I miss theme parks from back home. Parks like Marine Land and Canada’s Wonderland.¬† Have you been there? It’s so AWESOME.

When we got to the fort however, our hopes were pretty much shattered.¬†Mostly mine, because it wasn’t at all what I was oh so hoping for.¬†It was only a campground. We did see bunnies (or hares, I don’t know) We left¬†in search of something else.

It was a good 5-6 minutes before we found this beach, of course it was cold and we never brought gear  so we just admired it.


A beach by the sea..I mean lake

We drove on a bit more until we found the Fish Hatchery. If you’re thinking that’s gross, it’s actually pretty interesting as well as gross.¬†Fish are cool aquatic creatures.¬† We learned it was 100 years that the Fort Qu’Appelle Fish Culture Station has been running.

Our tour guides name¬†was Ben. He’s 12 years old like me. He knows a lot about fish and how the whole process works, and that’s pretty cool.¬† It’s cool to see how kids like Ben know a lot about a topic and can talk about it.¬† It was cool that he was given the responsibility of doing the tour.¬† He was really good.¬† His dad works there and he helps.


Ben and I.

There are hybrid fish, I just found that out today. Fish are caught in spawn camps, they can get in, but not out. In the front room there were 2 tanks. Fish, I learned can be really aggressive when it comes to food.  They will practically bully smaller  fish and it will get so bad sometimes they have to be put down. We were then allowed to go in the hatchery, and wow it was amazing.


Fish my friends, all fish

If you look in¬†there were so many fish it looked like dirt in the¬†water that moved. That’s a lot if you ask me.


I did say a lot, didn’t I?



This tank had WAYYYY more then the other one. If you put food, the tiny fish would scramble to eat it.

We went outside to the ponds where the bigger fish reside. And boy, were these fish huge. The Rainbow Trout’s in there weighed up to a max of 25 pounds. I learned if the fish has an underbite with a knob at the tip, it’s a male, if not, female. Put food in, and see them go wild.



I did say wild

After, we got to go into the winter building where they put the fish. The holding tanks are humongous. There were a whole bunch of fish


It was pretty cool

There were so many fish in these tanks as well.¬† The bigger fish would eat the¬†other fish’s tail or insides.¬† I got to hold a tailless fish. He then went down the drain. ¬†Yuck, just gross. ¬†It was pretty sick.

It was a real cool place to visit though. Ice cream ended the day.¬† My mom was happy we spent time together on Mother’s Day.¬† Mission completed.

My Dental Journey of Pain :(

Many people have to go to dentists for little things like cleaning and oral consultations and big things like braces, teeth extractions and cavity fillings. I myself have endured all of those things. I have overcrowding, teeth that don’t grow in for at least¬† a year and eye teeth. That may seem like a lot of dental problems… that’s because it is. I have been through a lot of¬†dental appointments and they¬†haven’t been all great. ¬†But the dentist’s personalized mission is: to fix my mouth and so I can have a mouth I can smile and be proud of.

Braces: Those dental appliances to help create a better smile. I have had braces twice. Once in grade 3 and 4.¬† Those braces weren’t for straightening though.¬† When I had braces that time, it was to get the tooth that wouldn’t grow in to come down. Of course, I couldn’t have things like jujubes, gummies, granola bars, gum , so on and so on and so on and so on.¬† I was kinda happy about it because I couldn’t stand having a gap where the tooth was not coming down.¬† When I had braces¬†the first time I was fine because I knew the people who would see it well enough to know they would be nice to me.¬†¬†

This past Friday, I went to the dentist in Manitoba for braces.¬†Living in a small rural town,¬†one of the things¬†I don’t like is sometimes you have to drive¬†a long time to get to a special doctor.¬†¬†We live close to the border and we heard this dentist was good.¬† It was almost the same distance to Regina.

For the next 18 months, I will have to pass on sticky, chewy, awesome, sweet things. It takes me longer to floss. I am not thrilled but I get why.

Have you had to go through something like I did? If you did… comment. I’d like to know I am not the only one¬†ūüôā



It might be a bad drawing but… it’s braces on teeth



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