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Revisit Regina

This past Thursday to Friday my family  went to Regina, and it was FUN!!!!!!!!

I had no school and I  thought it would be fun to go with my family.  They were ok with it.  I wanted to go to the Science Centre.  It was a long drive. But  when we finally got to our hotel I was AMAZED. Now, being in a not-so-rich family, this hotel looked POSH. There was 25 floors and we were on the 22nd.  Pretty impressive right? I thought it was.

pic 2

Night City View. 22nd floor style

After we settled in to our room my mom and I went to find the pool. We went all around this ginormous hotel ’till… we finally found it. Now, we found the pool. We could go explore the GREAT BEYOND!!!

We went to the mall which was conveniently attached to our hotel. I was pretty excited because it was actually a REAL MALL YAYYYY!!!! Where I live the mall is really small. We were walking for sometime when  I laid eyes on the most EPIC PHONE CASE IN THE HISTORY OF PHONE CASES!!!!!! And, I was allowed to get it!!! YAYYYYY. It was a red minion with 1 eye.

pic 1

My very own minion to do my bidding!!!

After we went to the food court, and, get this it was actually a real food court, with food from ONTARIO, YESSSSS!!!!!  We finished eating then went to the pool. We had the whole entire place to ourselves and that was EPIC!!! My favourite part of swimming was the slide. My mom on the other hand disliked the slide.  Then, it floated  into Friday.

Friday, I was partially not happy because, 1. I had to get up and 2. it was early in the morning. But, nevertheless I was happy to go to the science centre.  My absolute favourite parts would have to be 1. The butterfly exhibit where I went on a zip line and learned that cocoons are not for humans and are very uncomfortable. 2. We watched the static show and, my hair stood on end!!! It felt weird, but it was all in good fun. ( for me anyways) HEHEHE.

pic 3

Alberta Einstein

The rest was alright. The Imax movie was pretty cool too. But, the food well, I tell you about it. There was only 1 food stand. They had only Pizza and Hot Dogs for lunch.  I wanted a Hot Dog,  but they didn’t serve it on weekdays. So I settled on pizza, but they didn’t know when it would be coming in. Ontario, you can get food with ease. Here, not as much, but still it was good. Then we had to leave. 😦 I kind of didn’t want to.

All in all this trip was pretty cool. I got a minion, went swimming, felt like Albert Einstein and flew like a Butterfly. I would recommend the Delta hotel for all of you because that hotel was just absolutely Amazing.

I emailed a company and I’m hoping for good luck 🙂 It would be cool to feel like an official reviewer 🙂


Disclaimer: All me, no one else but me. Nobody gave compensation.

Assesippi Has Never Been So Much FUN!!!!!!!

As you see from the title: I am going to talk about my Ski Trip to good ole Assesippi.

Going down the hills were AMAZING!!! I went so fast I actually passed people. On the hills, there are different runs, I do have a favourite one. It is called Assesippi Valley. You go down the hill then turn and go up a mini hill. Then you go down the up and turn, after you go down a little hill and go down a mini hill, you go super fast!!! All the hills were fun, but the one I described was da BOMB!!!

I didn’t  go on the black diamonds because I’ve crashed and fallen way too many times… and that was on the bunny hill too!!! I just got my green mark before lunch so that was worth it. In the chalet, I went into the food court and I got Chicken bites and fries, they were pretty good.  They reminded me of JJs Steakery in Minot, North Dakota a little. After I went back out.

On the way down the hill to get to the lift, I saw my friend down near the chair lift and she just got her green mark. So, I went on the chair lift with her.  She got scared of being up so high  because when she went on the lift last with someone, the person she went with fell off the lift so they lowered it midway to the top. She then figured out where it was and got over her fear of heights very quickly. We went up and down so many times ’till it was time to leave. I got myself a cherry Laffy Taffy and got my friend a raspberry Laffy Taffy. We got back at around 5ish. Then, I went home to the daily grind.

I never wanted to leave which is pretty good considering it was my first time. I wish I could repeat it over, minus the LONG bus ride.If you were there you would be bored out of your mind (that is, if you don’t bring any or barely anything like I did hehe)

Disclaimer: I just wrote this because I went there on a school trip.  No one asked me to.  All my opinions.

Multiple Things in One Post

There are many things to talk about but, I can’t figure out what to talk about. So, I am going to write a little paragraph of certain things that are on my mind!!!

The Manitoba Ski Trip:

My ski trip is tomorrow. It was the 30th but because of the weather now it’s tomorrow.  When it’s to cold frostbite can happen so fast so they kept putting it off.  I’m really excited. Like I said two posts ago, it’s my first ski trip. On the other hand, I’m a bit nervous… I mean, what if I fall and break something or get left behind. But, I can’t help being so EXCITED!!!! Just thinking about the hills, the wind in my hair, the conveyor belt for the bunny hill, the chair lift and the food at lunch. It all makes me even more anxious.

8 Months:

My family and I are just wrapping up 8 months here. Sure, I miss my life in Ontario, but things are really looking up for me.  I mean just read this list of good things that have happened to me:

Getting to go to an R5 concert (I get to meet them 🙂 )

Getting a better social life

Finally getting good in Soccer

Having new friends who trust me

Going skiing for the first time in my life

Being independent… and finally

Getting a pet

After this list, I am fully positive life here isn’t so bad after all.

Going clothes shopping:

I know this is an absurd topic for my readers who know me really well… If you don’t know me really well, then let me tell you this “I HAVE NEVER LIKE GOING CLOTHES SHOPPING”. But, I guess as you get older your interests start to change. I do have to admit this … clothes can be pretty cool… My  mom who has known me my whole life, was taken aback when I asked if we could go to Stitches yesterday.  I got a pair of pants.  I also got this Sweater that looks like a lizard, it has paws, a tail and that mohawk looking thing on the head. I was impressed with mySELF cuz I have never done this great in shopping for clothes.  Everything else A+.  Clothes – ehhhhh.  My older cousins would be so proud of this achievement.



Well, that’s it for this post!! Next Week: Skiing Has Never Been This Much Fun!!!

Introducing… My Pet Calvin

Sorry for the late post but, I was so busy with lot of things like: schoolwork, homework (just kidding) and helping the very thing get settled that says in the title and… the focus of this WONDERFUL post!!!

Last week on Wednesday, I got a pet, his name is Calvin. Is he a dog? I wish, is he a cat? Sadly… no, a hamster, ye… no, guinea pig?, no, a snake?, heck no those give me the creeps, but, Calvin, my dear little friend is… a Betta aka a Chinese  fighting FISH!!!

Now, you may think… a fish?! that’s a boring pet. But, surprisingly it’s not.  Being an only child I feel like a load of loneliness has been removed. Sure, he is a fish but he is a Fighting fish.  I wanted to take responsibility and now I can with Calvin.

Calvin, is a pretty cool fish. His colours are: Red, Purple, White and Blue. I feed him every morning clean the tank when I  need to and, every once in a while I kind of get the urge to annoy him a bit.

I did get a mirror that lets him reveal his true nature to me. It is pretty cool and kind of funny at the same time. When he sees himself he will actually get the impression that another fish is in his territory, so he will fan his fins out and do something that I like to call “growing the beard”.

The first few days I got worried because, like what if he dies or he gets stuck and no one will hear him because well… he’s a fish. But, I have begun to feel that that will absolutely not happen.

So, here is what I present to you and it’s called “The Life of Calvin (without Hobbes)”


What one… WHAT ONE!!!


The Investment completion.


In his new ‘crib’ for the first time


I have a beard and I’m not afraid to use it!!!

Well, that’s all for now, if you want, please leave a comment to wish me and Calvin the best. Stay tuned for the next post.


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