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My New Olympic Friend

A couple weeks ago, I went to see someone at Canadian Tire. This was no ordinary someone though, this someone was… Kaitlyn Lawes.

She won the  Olympic gold medal for Women’s Curling, GIRL POWER!!! It was really cool to see a professional who competed  in a big event that only occurs every 4 years. This past one that happened recently took place, as we all know in… Sochi Russia. 

When we got in there , it was a pretty long line. They had a raffle to entertain the crowd. I, of course… sadly didn’t  win anything. Great luck I have (sarcastically speaking lol).  When it was my turn, I will admit, I was a tad bit nervous. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s an Olympian… with a GOLD MEDAL!! Speaking of  medals, I got to hold the medal. It was  gold, really cool and shiny. It also was heavy (not really though). It read Sochi.ru  2014. 

Do you remember when I said I was nervous? Yeah well, that kicked in causing me to do this:

Kaitlyn: Thank you for coming to meet me 🙂

Me: Your welcome 🙂

Yes, I told an Olympian it was my pleasure for her meeting me :l

Sometimes I wonder why modesty isn’t my middle name. When we left the store after the meet ‘n’ greet my mom laughed and asked me why I said that. My answer “I panicked okay!!!”


Me and my Olympian Best friend 😉

This was an amazing experience, I hope I can do  something like this again. 🙂


Saskatoon…ing Part 3: BOOMtown Blast

Here it is… the final part, (and unexpected for some people who didn’t think I would write a finale), of Saskatoon…ing. BOOMtown Blast!!!

The first thing we did when we got to Saskatoon, was go to the Western Development Museum (WDM).  We had lunch in the café with the delicious food. That’s my personal opinion about the café – no one asked me to write that.  The chicken strips and fries were AWESOME! As we entered the museum, I personally was AMAZED! The Yorkton WDM  is pretty good and all but Saskatoon WDM was more fun. The theme is Boomtown 1910. When you got inside you looked at Boomtown St. It was filled with old-time buildings like general stores, old fashioned doctors and dentist offices, a one room school house and much more.  You got to go into the buildings.



In the schoolhouse, I found out I have the same birthday as John.  A. McDonald.  He was the first Prime Minister of Canada. Pretty cool huh? There was mannequins like they use in boutiques all over.  These mannequins had faces, and I was creeped out. 

After that, we went on to other parts of the musuem.  They had the Great Depression and believe me, it did look and sound very depressing.  The had exhibits all the way up to now.  My favourite part would probably have to be the Funhouse.  It was just a hall of mirrors but still pretty fun. There was other things too like hearses.  The one we saw was used as a coffin for the dead and an ambulance.  Pretty cool too. 

In the Great Depression section, there was an old timey car called the Bennett car.  Since during the great depression everything everything cost so much money, no one could afford gas.  People would take their engines out, and hitch the horses to drive.  There was  a sign saying “Want to drive? Pull the reins to start.” I thought, “Of course I want to drive, who doesn’t?”  It was pretty cool to drive.   Which, BTW I can start driving at 15 here in Saskatchewan. Since I turn 15 early in the year I can drive in grade 9. ‘Sigh’ sometimes an early birthday can totally be worth it.


Well, that’s the end of Saskatoon…ing. Hope you enjoyed it.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.  My family went to Saskatoon and this was our adventure 🙂

Saskatoon…ing Part 2: Stores, Foods and Observatories Oh My!!!


My parents and I went to an abnormally large amount of stores.  We went to stores like Indigo, a pet store called Petcetera and so much more!! I’m trying to find a better aquarium for Calvin.  The mall was a real mall.  Huge with lots of stores that were open.  Living in a small town, our mall is tiny…where businesses go to die.  There’s a lot of empty stores there.  In the mall I spotted something that I haven’t seen in a VERY LONG TIME! And I’m talking very long time. Something I thought only existed in Ontario. YOGEN FRUZ!!! I got to get a strawberry frozen yogurt. I got only sour toppings. Its nice to see something from your home province once in awhile:)  It made me realize how much I miss living in a real city.


Now you may be thinking. ” Food? Why Food?” Well my fellow humans I will tell you. I saw weird and good things this trip.  Foods like Yogen Fruz and an awesome cafe at a museum to funny foods  Chocolate Bacon Toffee.


Would you eat this?I didn’t taste the bacon toffee because to me, just sounded plain weird.

They reminded me one thing and one thing only. Home. Don’t ask me why though. Food makes you  think of things so, why can’t I think of home? 😀  I guess right now I’d really like to move back home to Ontario.


The cool thing about my trip to Saskatoon (also the whole purpose of the trip) was the observatory. It is the university observatory which, is open to the public on Saturdays. I was standing outside when the roof started to open so the telescope could see out.  It was pretty cool when the roof opened.  After a clear day, the night was cloudy.  So it wasn’t cool when all I could see was clouds and white ( aka the moon).  If we lived in the city we could just go back the next clear night.  Living so far away, we can’t go back for awhile.   Still a pretty good experience in general.  I’m really glad my parents took me.

20140308_202753 20140308_2029041 20140308_2032501

And that concludes our two part post of Saskatoon..ing.  Pretty fun huh?  

Saskatoon…ing Part 1: The Chapter-Indigo Affiliate Quest

I am going to talk about my trip to Saskatoon for the weekend, in which I recently just returned from. This is part 1: The Chapters-Indigo Affiliate Quest.

Living in a small town, we only have a small Coles.  Back in Ontario, probably every week we went to Chapters to look and buy and eat good cookies from Starbucks.  Being in the big city we knew we had to make a stop at Indigo.  Being the newly affiliated Affiliate I now am, I decided to look at books that would be fun to review. So, I quested the whole Kids/Tweens/Teens places in search of that special book.


Teacup oh teacup… how I missed you so!!!

First stop on the quest for the “Golden” book was… well… the 6-8 book area. Despite my age being 12, I still like some books meant for that age range. There was Geronimo books, Poptropica books but… no book I wanted to review. I stalled until my mom said to go to the 9-12 section.

I saw books that I, surprisingly never thought they existed. Like Adventure Time. (I read a couples pages, I just couldn’t help it… it looked funny) Pokémon and others. Yet, still nothing, so I found another section.

I was getting warmer, because I saw a book I really wanted to read. It is called Jedi Academy. It is about a boy who got rejected from pilot school and Yoda invited him to come to Jedi Academy. But, despite how cool it looked it wasn’t “Golden” it was more like “Silver”.  So I kept looking.  Then I got to the back of the 9 – 12 area…


YESSSSSS!!! I found it. I may not look happy… but inside… I exploded

That’s right: Tales of a 6th grade Muppet: When Pigs Fly was the prize. Danvars, the main character and I have sooo much in common. A little info about the book for those who haven’t read the first two books.

Danvars woke up one day and found himself with Muppetmorphisis. He starts seeing things that only exist in the Muppets. There’s pros and cons for Danvars being a Muppet. Follow his adventures in Tales of a 6th Grade Muppet.

I am looking forward to reading my new book.

Stay tuned for part 2 (and possibly part 3) of Saskatoon…ing. 🙂  It involves hotels, hearses, Boomtowns, the moon and MORE!!!

Disclaimer: I am an Indigo affiliate. This post though is all my own opinion.  My mom helped me edit this one.

The Affiliate

If you were to look at the left side of my blog you would find that there is a new button. If you were to press that particular  button… it would take you to the Chapters-Indigo website. That only means one thing.  I’M AN AFFILIATE!!! That’s right folks, my email’s to companies finally paid off 🙂

If you’re one of those people who don’t know or just found out what affiliate means (like me who found out what it means). Then, affiliate is this…


A person or organization officially connected to a larger body.

Meaning… well… I’m only 12 so I don’t even know what that really means. But, I’m going to try to put it in a term I  can easily understand. So, A person or Organization eg. me is connected for business with a bigger company like Chapters-Indigo.  I can talk about stuff I buy or things like that and you can click to them from my website 🙂

A really nice lady Frances by email …or man … Frances could be a boy…. helped me and got my application approved!!

That’s all for now!!  Thank you Chapters-Indigo for giving me this opportunity.

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