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New Pet #2

I’m sorry I haven’t done a blog for a couple of weeks but I have a good reason why. I have been helping my grandparents move about an hour away from us.

My news!!

I bought a new pet. But to get it I needed money. So, I sold my Ds and two games. I have my 3ds so it’s all good. When we went the first time to the pawn shop… it was closed. So I had to wait till the next day. So when the next day finally came, we had to go help my grandparents. They were moving stuff up to their new house.  So, I ended up waiting until the next day.

I was very patient.

The day finally came, I was over the MOON!!! (Not literally though).  We went to  a pet store by my house that provides good supplies, information and has small pets like: Fish,Hamsters and Birds.  While I was hoping for a hamster, my mom said no rodents.  One day maybe 🙂  )

There were so many different fish, but I had to get a Betta again because of money. They are cheaper.  (Like Calvin as you may know in Introducing… My Pet Calvin and Moving On).  This time his name is Hobbes. It’s not a coincidence that I have had two fish named Calvin and Hobbes.   I planned that on porpoise (I mean purpose, but I’ve got fish on the brain haha).

In the car I pondered this, How long will Hobbes last… Six months or more. In the driveway I carefully got out due to the fact I have a blue and red male Betta in my hands.  I’m trying for more then six months.



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