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New Pet #2

I’m sorry I haven’t done a blog for a couple of weeks but I have a good reason why. I have been helping my grandparents move about an hour away from us.

My news!!

I bought a new pet. But to get it I needed money. So, I sold my Ds and two games. I have my 3ds so it’s all good. When we went the first time to the pawn shop… it was closed. So I had to wait till the next day. So when the next day finally came, we had to go help my grandparents. They were moving stuff up to their new house.  So, I ended up waiting until the next day.

I was very patient.

The day finally came, I was over the MOON!!! (Not literally though).  We went to  a pet store by my house that provides good supplies, information and has small pets like: Fish,Hamsters and Birds.  While I was hoping for a hamster, my mom said no rodents.  One day maybe 🙂  )

There were so many different fish, but I had to get a Betta again because of money. They are cheaper.  (Like Calvin as you may know in Introducing… My Pet Calvin and Moving On).  This time his name is Hobbes. It’s not a coincidence that I have had two fish named Calvin and Hobbes.   I planned that on porpoise (I mean purpose, but I’ve got fish on the brain haha).

In the car I pondered this, How long will Hobbes last… Six months or more. In the driveway I carefully got out due to the fact I have a blue and red male Betta in my hands.  I’m trying for more then six months.



Wisconsin And Re-Blogifying

For the past 2 weeks have been so awesome.  I’ve been in Lake Geneva Wisconsin for one week. For the other week I’ve been spending time with family. It was been really fun.  Since I went to Ontario, there have been a lot of things I really liked. From the past two weeks I’ll narrow it down to two favourite things out of everything I’ve done.

Jelly Belly Factory –  My mom had flown back to Saskatchewan before me.  I went to Wisconsin with my aunt and my two cousins.  One of the places we went was the Jelly Belly Factory.  Even with my braces still on and not being able to  get like literally everything, it was still really fun. The tour was a train ride and videos on how Jelly Belly jelly beans are made. My favourite parts were the paintings that were made entirely out of Jelly Belly jelly beans. The process is a bit hard to explain but I will try to explain it the best I can. First, you trace your design in pencil. Then, you glaze a clear glue over the Jelly Beans. Finally, you use these chopstick kind of things and push the bean into place. The next was the store when the tour is finished. I never knew there were so many Jelly Beans. Some had me like ‘Ick” and ‘Ewww”. Some of these Jelly Beans were Dog Food flavoured, Skunk Spray and Baby Wipes. I bought some Jelly Belly jelly beans for my mom. (I was so tempted to eat them though).



Me and the mascot

Me and the mascot

High Ropes Course- We also went to a high ropes course.  I did like the course, I did… I really did. The high ropes were fifteen to thirty-two feet high. The instructors were really nice too. But, I learned something about myself. No, it’s not heights, or else I wouldn’t go on any rides at the fair let alone even go. I have rope-snapophobia.  I was doing fine at first, but then I got a little too adventurous. I went on one part, but I got a little too shaky and just lost it. I came down.  My cousins on the other hand, were like all over the place. My older cousin was especially. She went on a really difficult one.


Taking big steps.

Taking big steps.

Braving the high rope

Braving the high rope


I have an announcement to make:

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. Now that I’m going into the seventh grade (for me, it’s a shocker) I feel like I need to ‘Re-Blogify’ my whole blog.  I want to redo my blog to make it different. I’ll still do life experiences but that will only be once a while.

Keep an eye out on how my blog is going to change.  Let me tell you, there’s gonna be a lot of changes.  Let me know what you think when you see. 











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