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Minot Of Life

This weekend my family went to Minot, North Dakota. I have to say it’s not Buffalo, but still an amazing experience!  To get there – well it kinda of made my mind go bonkers! We passed some cows and just when I thought that was it for now Saskatchewan decided to put cows right beside the others. My mom in the morning said, “Look out your window!!”.  I said ” it’s not like I’ve seen my last cow!”

It was about another 3 hours until we got to the border. The Border guard checked our car trunk and all 3 of us felt just a tad bit uncomfortable. Going over the border in Ontario, we’ve never had our trunk checked.  It was really different.  In Ontario there is 5 million cars going across.  In Saskatchewan there is a negative of 5 million.  It was different.

We got over and I immediately was surprised. Why you might ask.  Well I’m going to tell you! North Dakota is like an American Saskatchewan! I’m telling you flatness for miles! That was until awhile later when I saw hills. Then I felt better. But still it was kinda freaky considering this was the first time I’ve been to Minot.


North Dakota – an American Saskatchewan!!

The first thing we did was go to the mall to eat. I got chicken nuggets and fries from a place called JJ’s Steakery.  Thumb’s up to the people who made it. For dessert we went to a place called Cherryberry’s ( I now call it Heavenberry’s because that’s how good it was!)

A masterpiece of diverse frozen yogurt and sherbet, and about 10 toppings :)

A masterpiece of diverse frozen yogurt and sherbet, and about 10 toppings 🙂

After we went shopping at Target.  I got a squishy toy skylander and a box of candies called Big Box of Boogers. I’m not joking that’s the name.


My boogers 🙂 LOL

Then we went to the candy shop.  I saw America’s largest gummy bear ( there were about 10 that I saw and they were huge!) I settled for a bag of toxic waste gum, Harry Potter chocolate frog and Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans.  All bought with my own money!!  I had the beans on the way home.  They were both disgusting and good.

When we were done shopping . We went to check in at the hotel. It was a nice place. My mom stepped out for a moment, and I hid under the throw.  When she came back she couldn’t find me for a few seconds. It was hilarious!!!


Mommy will never find me!!!



We went to the waterpark and for the slides I rated them like this:  (1 being fun to 10 being freaky)

Orange- 5
Yellow- 1
Blue- 9


A stellar hotel water park

It was time to leave and I went back to the room. I wanted to go to the arcade before bed and I did! My dad took me for that.  I got 149 tickets and got some cool prizes.

The next morning we woke up early and got breakfast which consisted of bacon. Always better with bacon! Breakfast was done. We packed up and left for some last minute shopping. After we were going to Walmart but ended up not going.  I was sad.

North Dakota was a good place to go for the weekend. I love visiting the States!!  The people are nice and they have such cool stuff.  I would go back, how ’bout you?

The Jaws Of A Moose

In the few weeks I’ve been in Saskatchewan there has been one event that happened that totally stood.  That was Moose Jaw. It took 3 hours to get there (in my personal opinion it took more than that but, that’s just me).  When we got there I was pretty amazed at the differences between where we live and Moose Jaw.  Where we live feels isolated. Moose Jaw does not.

We settled in to our room at Temple Gardens then went straight out to lunch. After we went to The Chocolate Moose Factory where we had dessert.  My mom loved it whereas I did not like it  as much because my peanut butter cup gelato tasted very different .

My family and I went to a souvenir store where we got our picture taken as old timey western people.  It was at a store called PastTimes.  I was an Outlaw.   I got to hold a gun.  It felt real because it was heavy  – or I just need to lift more heavy things to get used to it.  Here’s what I looked like.




After was the Tunnels Of Moose Jaw.


Exit from the Passage To Fortune and The Chicago Connection in the Tunnels Of Moose Jaw

The Passage to Fortune was pretty sad because we saw how the Chinese Immigrants were treated when they first came to Canada.  They were treated very badly and the working conditions they had were horrendous.  I felt bad after.  The Chicago Connection was funny because the bar owner Miss Fanny was funny and so was the guy named Gus.  They were our guides in our Al Capone journey.  Miss Fanny asked me to lead the group down into the tunnels quietly so we wouldn’t get shot by Gus who likes to play with guns and hates surprises.  I glided silently down the stairs turning to shhh people behind me.

After we went to Nit’s Thai Food.  My mom and dad both agreed that the Pad Thai they had was the best they ever tasted.  I liked the chicken strips but not the fries.  We wandered around for a bit then we went to the hotel to get changed for the pool.  It was warm when I went in.  I’m not exactly sure why adults like it as you just kinda sit there in the water.


In The Mineral Pool at Temple Gardens.

We finished swimming and we were pretty tired so we went back to the hotel and went to sleep. The next day we had breakfast at Harwood’s (was not impressed with how long it took to get our food and to get seated).  When breakfast was done, we got in the car to go home.

It was EPIC!!! , but sadly  we had to leave Moose Jaw . I didn’t want to leave:( 😦 😦 😦 😦  Why you might ask?  Because the feeling of isolation was NOT THERE!!!  Another camp is next week – hopefully I make some friends.

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