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I learned … again… on a weekend

I learned – all through today. It was pure torture I tell you, pure torture ūüôā It was just complete anarchy.¬† First place, Doukhobor, set in Veregin – population of a grand total of 42. Then, Kamsack, the town near a mountain of ducks a.k.a. Duck Mountain. (At least I think it’s near there).

First I had to get up early. It’s a normal thing to do, on school days!! Not on a WEEKEND!!¬†I’ve been doing this all weekend. At around¬†9 o clock , my parents dragged me along to the car ( not literally though :))¬†We set off.¬†¬†It took about 45 minutes to an hour to get there, but we passed the time with music!! Ahh good ole music to rock and wake up your mind.

We arrived at Doukhobor National Heritage Village. The main building was locked so we called the museum.  A man came to unlock all the buildings for us.


Can you see me?


Who’s that looking in my window?

My favourite part out of all of it was when we went into the schoolhouse/banquet hall. There were a whole bunch of benches in the back and chairs in the front. I said while pointing at the benches “Poor people section” and then I pointed at the chairs and said “Rich people section” It was a hit with my parent’s……………… I guess you had to be there.¬† It was funny.


Benches in the back, really nice chairs in the front.

After we took a tour of Veregin – population 42 – a minute later we completed the tour.


A lot of stores look like this in Veregin

We then took off to the ‘ Garden Of Saskatchewan’ a.k.a. Kamsack. I found a house there that reminded me of a house in Mississauga. We also went to¬† the Kamsack museum. I saw so many things, like an Ontario College of pharmacists diploma, Old toys, old guide and scout uniforms, olden days gas pump and many more.


A redneck limousine (JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE NO HATE)


I could be in the Corner Gas movie!! ūüôā I’m a natural!! (Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge)

It wasn’t the weekend I was hoping for, but it was cool ūüôā

Want to know more? Head on down to Veregin and/or Kamsack or check out the links below.





Mothers and Mother Fish

Today¬†¬†was Mothers Day.¬† We went on a trip to Fort Qu’Appelle.¬† It was an interesting time.¬† From ice cream to the Fish Hatchery, Fort Qu’Appelle sure is the place to go.


My Fort on the hill

From where I live to Fort Qu’Appelle is just over¬†an hour. Luckily for me, it only felt like 10 minutes. That is because I had the glorious thing of technology with me. Ipads and phones make time go by quick in the car.

When we first got in we went to eat at a place called Valley Bake And Coffee Shop. I got pancakes, Delicious Bacon (everybody should love bacon!!!) and home fries a.k.a fried potato bits. I don’t usually eat them, but they were pretty good though – ¬†I will admit that. Then, we set out on the Fort Qu’Appelle roads.

I think I might be model material, don't you ;)

I think I might be model material, don’t you ūüėČ

As you can tell by the picture displayed above, we went to ‘The Fort’ thinking it was some really cool attraction. In my case, I thought it was a¬†theme park. Oh, how I miss theme parks from back home. Parks like Marine Land and Canada’s Wonderland.¬† Have you been there? It’s so AWESOME.

When we got to the fort however, our hopes were pretty much shattered.¬†Mostly mine, because it wasn’t at all what I was oh so hoping for.¬†It was only a campground. We did see bunnies (or hares, I don’t know) We left¬†in search of something else.

It was a good 5-6 minutes before we found this beach, of course it was cold and we never brought gear  so we just admired it.


A beach by the sea..I mean lake

We drove on a bit more until we found the Fish Hatchery. If you’re thinking that’s gross, it’s actually pretty interesting as well as gross.¬†Fish are cool aquatic creatures.¬† We learned it was 100 years that the Fort Qu’Appelle Fish Culture Station has been running.

Our tour guides name¬†was Ben. He’s 12 years old like me. He knows a lot about fish and how the whole process works, and that’s pretty cool.¬† It’s cool to see how kids like Ben know a lot about a topic and can talk about it.¬† It was cool that he was given the responsibility of doing the tour.¬† He was really good.¬† His dad works there and he helps.


Ben and I.

There are hybrid fish, I just found that out today. Fish are caught in spawn camps, they can get in, but not out. In the front room there were 2 tanks. Fish, I learned can be really aggressive when it comes to food.  They will practically bully smaller  fish and it will get so bad sometimes they have to be put down. We were then allowed to go in the hatchery, and wow it was amazing.


Fish my friends, all fish

If you look in¬†there were so many fish it looked like dirt in the¬†water that moved. That’s a lot if you ask me.


I did say a lot, didn’t I?



This tank had WAYYYY more then the other one. If you put food, the tiny fish would scramble to eat it.

We went outside to the ponds where the bigger fish reside. And boy, were these fish huge. The Rainbow Trout’s in there weighed up to a max of 25 pounds. I learned if the fish has an underbite with a knob at the tip, it’s a male, if not, female. Put food in, and see them go wild.



I did say wild

After, we got to go into the winter building where they put the fish. The holding tanks are humongous. There were a whole bunch of fish


It was pretty cool

There were so many fish in these tanks as well.¬† The bigger fish would eat the¬†other fish’s tail or insides.¬† I got to hold a tailless fish. He then went down the drain. ¬†Yuck, just gross. ¬†It was pretty sick.

It was a real cool place to visit though. Ice cream ended the day.¬† My mom was happy we spent time together on Mother’s Day.¬† Mission completed.

Saskatoon…ing Part 2: Stores, Foods and Observatories Oh My!!!


My parents and I went to an abnormally large amount of stores.¬† We went to stores like Indigo, a pet store called Petcetera and so much more!! I’m trying to find a better aquarium for Calvin.¬† The mall was a real mall.¬† Huge with lots of stores that were open.¬† Living in a small town, our mall is tiny…where businesses go to die.¬† There’s a lot of empty stores there.¬† In the mall I spotted something that I haven’t seen in a VERY LONG TIME! And I’m talking very long time. Something I thought only existed in Ontario. YOGEN FRUZ!!! I got to get a strawberry frozen yogurt. I got only sour toppings. Its nice to see something from your home province once in awhile:)¬† It made me realize how much I miss living in a real city.


Now you may be thinking. ” Food? Why Food?” Well my fellow humans I will tell you. I saw weird and good things this trip.¬† Foods like Yogen Fruz and an awesome cafe at a museum to funny foods¬† Chocolate Bacon Toffee.


Would you eat this?I didn’t taste the bacon toffee because to me, just sounded plain weird.

They reminded me one thing and one thing only. Home. Don’t ask me why though. Food makes you¬† think of things so, why can’t I think of home? ūüėĬ† I guess right now I’d really like to move back home to Ontario.


The cool thing about my trip to Saskatoon (also the whole purpose of the trip) was the observatory. It is the university observatory which, is open to the public on Saturdays. I was standing outside when the roof started to open so the telescope could see out.¬† It was pretty cool when the roof opened.¬† After a clear day, the night was cloudy.¬† So it wasn’t cool when all I could see was clouds and white ( aka the moon).¬† If we lived in the city we could just go back the next clear night.¬† Living so far away, we can’t go back for awhile. ¬† Still a pretty good experience in general.¬† I’m really glad my parents took me.

20140308_202753 20140308_2029041 20140308_2032501

And that concludes our two part post of Saskatoon..ing.  Pretty fun huh?  

Saskatoon…ing Part 1: The Chapter-Indigo Affiliate Quest

I am going to talk about my trip to Saskatoon for the weekend, in which I recently just returned from. This is part 1: The Chapters-Indigo Affiliate Quest.

Living in a small town, we only have a small Coles.  Back in Ontario, probably every week we went to Chapters to look and buy and eat good cookies from Starbucks.  Being in the big city we knew we had to make a stop at Indigo.  Being the newly affiliated Affiliate I now am, I decided to look at books that would be fun to review. So, I quested the whole Kids/Tweens/Teens places in search of that special book.


Teacup oh teacup… how I missed you so!!!

First stop on the quest for the “Golden” book was… well… the 6-8 book area. Despite my age being 12,¬†I still like some books meant for that age range. There was Geronimo books, Poptropica books but… no book I wanted to review. I stalled until my mom said to go to the 9-12 section.

I saw books that I, surprisingly never thought they existed. Like Adventure Time. (I read a couples pages, I just couldn’t help it… it looked funny) Pok√©mon and others. Yet, still nothing, so I found another section.

I was getting warmer, because I saw a book I really wanted to read. It is called Jedi Academy. It is about a boy who got rejected from pilot school and Yoda invited him to come to Jedi Academy. But, despite how cool it looked it wasn’t “Golden” it was more like “Silver”.¬† So I kept looking.¬† Then I got to the back of the 9 – 12 area…


YESSSSSS!!! I found it. I may not look happy… but inside… I exploded

That’s right: Tales of a 6th grade Muppet: When Pigs Fly was the prize. Danvars, the main character and I have sooo much in common. A little info about the book for those who haven’t read the first two books.

Danvars woke up one day and found himself with Muppetmorphisis. He starts seeing things that only exist in the Muppets. There’s pros and cons for Danvars being a Muppet. Follow his adventures in Tales of a 6th Grade Muppet.

I am looking forward to reading my new book.

Stay tuned for part 2 (and possibly part 3) of Saskatoon…ing. ūüôā¬† It involves hotels, hearses, Boomtowns, the moon and MORE!!!

Disclaimer: I am an Indigo affiliate. This post though is all my own opinion.  My mom helped me edit this one.

The Done Bucket List and Party Amidst

This is an idea from Mikimayla¬†of ¬†Thailand. We have become kinda friends even though we’ve never met¬†because we both blog.¬† You should check out her blog too.¬† She does one in French and one in English.¬† She asked for me to make a list of interesting things I’ve accomplished.¬† So, I am going to make a list of the top ten most interesting things I’ve done in my life:

1. Went to Australia Рexotic animals, brilliant hills, Australia is a place to go and never come back!!  I held a koala!!  It hurt with love (the claws hee hee)

2. Got 1st place in a Remembrance Day essay contest out of about 25 schools in my area when I was in Ontario – I was in the newspaper for my city.

3. Made a blog – Something I don’t regret doing ūüôā

4. Getting a blog that became international – Why I don’t regret doing it!!

5. Having a reader base that stretches from Canada all the way across to New Zealand¬† – I have made friends with Mikimayla in Thailand.¬† Someone in New Zealand.¬† It’s been extraordinary to see things from across the world.

6. Went to We Day – greatest life changer in my life so far.¬† You don’t need to be special, (like a celebrity, or someone famous), to make a difference.¬†

7. Went to Regina by myself overnight РI went with a camp.  It was the first time I was far away from my parents, but it was awesome!!

8. Meeting a famous band – My mom made me go.¬† I met New Kids on The Block ūüôā Donnie Wahlberg played around with me for a few seconds.¬† I like him ūüôā

9. Moving from big city Ontario to small town Saskatchewan. This one, not that much of a deal to me.  And, finally

10. Buying a T.V. with my own money РI thought it would be cool to have it in my room.  I was impressed with myself that I saved my own money to buy something so great. 

In other news, I went to a party for my good friend E. We went to the Gallagher centre for 3 whole hours!! My other good friend S was there too. We went on the Aquaclimb wall, did the 5 1/4 storey waterslide, dove in the pool from the diving board.¬†¬† So much more. After the Gallagher, we went back to E’s house in the grand ole country. On the way, we saw a “Lightning Mcqueen” (car) stuck in a ditch. It’s winter here and the roads are pretty icy.¬† It was pretty funny but probably not for them. Inside, my friend S went downstairs to the lounge, she wanted to surprise E.¬† She made the whole lounge a party¬†zone.¬† I distracted E and helped S.¬† ¬†When it was done, it was pretty amazing if you ask me. Which you should, because I witnessed it. We had cake, opened presents, and made a movie!!! Pretty great party if you ask me, right??? WRONG! It was an amazing party. We were up ’till around 3:00am. Soon enough, it was time to go. I didn’t want to leave considering it was my first Sask. sleepover away party. But, I missed my family.

To all of you who are going to their first sleepover party or just a regular sleepover, do what I did. Give it time and it will go by in a heartbeat. Trust me, that happened with this party.  Amazing experience. 

Hopefully Mikimayla and I meet¬† ūüôā That would be cool ūüôā

BTW Рonly 27 more days till I turn 12 !! 


Koala Hugging – Flashback to November 2012. I hope one day we can go back to Australia. It was the best trip.

5 Months (going on 6) Anniversary

It’s been five months going on six of being in Saskatchewan. WOW!!! Time does fly!!! Although we’ve been here this long I still get waves of homesickness at the most unexpected times in the days. Also, I still have mixed feelings about this move.

Photo Effects

Feeling Sad and Homesick

Although I have those feelings and the homesickness, I still have done stuff I’ve never done before!! Things like:

Traveling like no tomorrow – I’ve done so much traveling I haven’t seen tomorrow.¬† I’ve been to North Dakota and all over most of Saskatchewan.¬† I’ve seen Manitoba and a lot of Ontario.

I’ve volunteered at places.¬† My favourite is the SPCA and the white husky I walk.

Gone to a football game.¬† They really like football here.¬† That one gave me the chance to say I don’t like football.

Doing many after-school activities I never could do before like guitar, drama and soccer.  Before we could only afford one after school activity.  Here I can do a whole bunch.

Photo Effects (1)

Feeling OK ūüôā

It’s been fun here and all.¬† I really do prefer Ontario though¬†because I’m a Toronto girl and proud of it.¬† I want to go Ripley’s Aquarium so badly.¬† I’ve lived near Toronto all my life.¬† I miss it a lot.¬† I’ve got to do a lot of stuff since I’ve been in Saskatchewan. I have had a really good time and have a lot of opportunities.¬†¬† It was for the best moving here,¬†I don’t regret coming!!!

But hopefully there’s a chance we go back ūüôā

It’s snowing cats and dogs

Yesterday was the very first day my parents and I began volunteering at the animal shelter. We walked 3 dogs, Sprite, General and Dakota. It was fun, but it was really cold. I got to walk Sprite all the way around. She was a husky mix.  It was really fun.  Sprite cuddled with me a lot!!


Sprite and I, Buddies til she gets adopted

When we got back we needed to warm up, so we went to see the cats and kittens. I felt bad for them being in those cages, especially the family of cats.

It was time to leave the cat room, so we went to see if we needed to walk another dog and we did. I was not allowed to walk him though, he was too energetic and all muscle. I was sad, but I also did NOT want to be a human parachute. So I let my parents take turns.

After the walk, my mom said I did so well that I could play with the cats in the glass room. They were flocking around me. I felt so LOVED!!!

I still don’t really like being in Saskatchewan.¬† I still want to go home. I realized I should be glad that I’m helping the poor animals though here.¬† By doing this I realized all animals are¬†not being treated the way they should be.¬† People are¬†dropping them off at animal shelters and leaving them.¬†¬†I hope people become responsible¬†going to buy¬†or adopt an animal.¬† There were too many of them there.

There is also a benefit to  volunteering at the animal shelter- KITTY-KAT HEAVEN.

Cat Heaven. Benefits of volunteering

Cat Heaven. Benefits of volunteering

Minot Of Life

This weekend my family went to Minot, North Dakota. I have to say it’s not Buffalo, but still an amazing experience!¬† To get there – well it kinda of made my mind go bonkers! We passed some cows and just when I thought that was it for now Saskatchewan decided to put cows right beside the others. My mom in the morning said, “Look out your window!!”.¬† I said ” it’s not like I’ve seen my last cow!”

It was about another 3 hours until we got to the border. The Border guard checked our car trunk and all 3 of us felt just a tad bit uncomfortable. Going over the border in Ontario, we’ve never had our trunk checked.¬† It was really different.¬† In Ontario there is 5 million cars going across.¬† In Saskatchewan there is a negative of 5 million.¬† It was different.

We got over and I immediately was surprised. Why you might ask.¬† Well I’m going to tell you! North Dakota is like an American Saskatchewan! I’m telling you flatness for miles! That was until awhile later when I saw hills. Then I felt better. But still it was kinda freaky considering this was the first time I’ve been to Minot.


North Dakota – an American Saskatchewan!!

The first thing we did was go to the mall to eat. I got chicken nuggets and fries from a place called JJ’s Steakery.¬† Thumb’s up to the people who made it. For dessert we went to a place called Cherryberry’s ( I now call it Heavenberry’s because that’s how good it was!)

A masterpiece of diverse frozen yogurt and sherbet, and about 10 toppings :)

A masterpiece of diverse frozen yogurt and sherbet, and about 10 toppings ūüôā

After we went shopping at Target.¬† I got a squishy toy skylander and a box of candies called Big Box of Boogers. I’m not joking that’s the name.


My boogers ūüôā LOL

Then we went to the candy shop.¬† I saw America’s largest gummy bear ( there were about 10 that I saw and they were huge!) I settled for a bag of toxic waste gum, Harry Potter chocolate frog and Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans.¬† All bought with my own money!!¬† I had the beans on the way home.¬† They were both disgusting and good.

When we were done shopping . We went to check in at the hotel. It was a nice place. My mom stepped out for a moment, and I hid under the throw.¬† When she came back she couldn’t find me for a few seconds. It was hilarious!!!


Mommy will never find me!!!



We went to the waterpark and for the slides I rated them like this:  (1 being fun to 10 being freaky)

Orange- 5
Yellow- 1
Blue- 9


A stellar hotel water park

It was time to leave and I went back to the room. I wanted to go to the arcade before bed and I did! My dad took me for that.  I got 149 tickets and got some cool prizes.

The next morning we woke up early and got breakfast which consisted of bacon. Always better with bacon! Breakfast was done. We packed up and left for some last minute shopping. After we were going to Walmart but ended up not going.  I was sad.

North Dakota was a good place to go for the weekend. I love visiting the States!!¬† The people are nice and they have such cool stuff.¬† I would go back, how ’bout you?

Will I Am

Moving – it sucks. I mean it. really. sucks…..a lot.¬† But the upside to having to move somewhere new, (for example, Ontario to Saskatchewan), is that you get to explore different parts your new community.¬† We just got back from Saskatoon, (which by the way is the closest I’ll ever get to Toronto here ūüė¶ ), and I had a really great time.

20130827_115727 - Copy - Copy

Saskatoon Zoo – My captivated pet. LOVED HIM, I called him Timber.

IMG_20130826_165305 - Copy - Copy

On the Prairie Lily River Boat – It was cool.

IMG_20130826_164906 - Copy

Taking in the sites with my dad

IMG_20130826_164019 - Copy - Copy

Fooling around with my mom.

IMG_20130826_163853 - Copy - Copy

Being downstairs in the boat so close to water.


The boat.

IMG_20130826_145805 - Copy

Will I Am ūüôā they hold a Shakespeare event by the river every year.

IMG_20130826_145350 - Copy

Under the 25th Street Bridge on the Saskatchewan River


By the river on the walkway. A chinese pagoda.


3 hours to get to Saskatoon….3 hours of the scenery…for 3 hours…..This is not the fun part of moving to Sask

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