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Revisit Regina

This past Thursday to Friday my family  went to Regina, and it was FUN!!!!!!!!

I had no school and I  thought it would be fun to go with my family.  They were ok with it.  I wanted to go to the Science Centre.  It was a long drive. But  when we finally got to our hotel I was AMAZED. Now, being in a not-so-rich family, this hotel looked POSH. There was 25 floors and we were on the 22nd.  Pretty impressive right? I thought it was.

pic 2

Night City View. 22nd floor style

After we settled in to our room my mom and I went to find the pool. We went all around this ginormous hotel ’till… we finally found it. Now, we found the pool. We could go explore the GREAT BEYOND!!!

We went to the mall which was conveniently attached to our hotel. I was pretty excited because it was actually a REAL MALL YAYYYY!!!! Where I live the mall is really small. We were walking for sometime when  I laid eyes on the most EPIC PHONE CASE IN THE HISTORY OF PHONE CASES!!!!!! And, I was allowed to get it!!! YAYYYYY. It was a red minion with 1 eye.

pic 1

My very own minion to do my bidding!!!

After we went to the food court, and, get this it was actually a real food court, with food from ONTARIO, YESSSSS!!!!!  We finished eating then went to the pool. We had the whole entire place to ourselves and that was EPIC!!! My favourite part of swimming was the slide. My mom on the other hand disliked the slide.  Then, it floated  into Friday.

Friday, I was partially not happy because, 1. I had to get up and 2. it was early in the morning. But, nevertheless I was happy to go to the science centre.  My absolute favourite parts would have to be 1. The butterfly exhibit where I went on a zip line and learned that cocoons are not for humans and are very uncomfortable. 2. We watched the static show and, my hair stood on end!!! It felt weird, but it was all in good fun. ( for me anyways) HEHEHE.

pic 3

Alberta Einstein

The rest was alright. The Imax movie was pretty cool too. But, the food well, I tell you about it. There was only 1 food stand. They had only Pizza and Hot Dogs for lunch.  I wanted a Hot Dog,  but they didn’t serve it on weekdays. So I settled on pizza, but they didn’t know when it would be coming in. Ontario, you can get food with ease. Here, not as much, but still it was good. Then we had to leave. 😦 I kind of didn’t want to.

All in all this trip was pretty cool. I got a minion, went swimming, felt like Albert Einstein and flew like a Butterfly. I would recommend the Delta hotel for all of you because that hotel was just absolutely Amazing.

I emailed a company and I’m hoping for good luck 🙂 It would be cool to feel like an official reviewer 🙂


Disclaimer: All me, no one else but me. Nobody gave compensation.

Kids N Kops with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Ever since I moved to Saskatchewan I felt uncomfortable with the changes in my life.  One organization is helping me get over those changes and that is Big Brothers Big Sisters. What is BBBS you ask? Well my fellow readers, read on!!

BBBS is an organization that helps kids across Canada in different circumstances.  Some are from very busy families with one parent, some are poor or some come from bad neighbourhoods.  One program that I’m in is the Big Sister program.  It helps the kids to know that they are really important and are apart of the world.  I’m in BBBS because my mom works and my dad is really  sad and can’t do that much with me.  I’m really looking forward to getting a Big Sister.

One of the things I got to do this summer is a camp called Kids n Kops. It’s a program where 12 kids ages 9-12 learn what it’s like to be an RCMP Cadet.  One of the funders is Sask. lotteries.  I did a lot of pretty amazing things like: going to the Regina Science Centre, staying in a hotel with a water slide and a pool,  RCMP heritage centre and parade, and meeting the Yorkton mayor.  I learnt new and very interesting things about Saskatchewan and the national police service.

At the end of the week we had a big award ceremony with the other kids.  I got the title ‘Cadet of the week’ which I was very proud of myself. After we went bowling to celebrate.

BBBS is a really great organization that has soooo many different people giving up their time to help kids feel special.  My mom and I are helping the organization clean flowers this week.  How in the world do you clean a flower?

20130816_130850 (1)

Constable Taylor, me, Kaylee and Amanda. My cadet of the week picture.  I asked for everyone’s permission to put this pic up.


My certificate hanging on my wall. I’m very proud of it.


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