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Heelying On By

This week I was really mad.  On facebook I follow Skyzone in Mississauga.  I have been there two or three times.  It is EPIC.  I saw on facebook that they were making it even better.  They added basketball hoops so people can dunk like their favourite NBA stars if you had one.  I really wanted to go but I remembered … I was here not there.

They also made Ontario better by finishing Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.  It’s at the base of the CN Tower, which is my favourite place to go when I lived there.  I have read 3 of the Ripley’s books and they are fun!!

I wanna go back and live there again.

But I’m here.  I know I can’t go back so I found another way to keep myself occupied.

This Friday, my Mom, Dad and I went to Walmart . I had my Heelys on. Heelys are shoes, but not any regular pair of shoes. Heelys are shoes with wheels on the heels of the shoes (hence the name Heelys). So anyway, we were in Walmart. I had my phone. We made 2 videos. And 2 MASTERPIECES were born!!!!!!

This is what you do in a small town in Saskatchewan and there’s nothing to fun like Skyzone and Ripley’s to do.  I was HEEELAARIOUS!!!

And in other news, can you guess what I was for Halloween for a party I went to?


One Direction !! Get it?!?!?!

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