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Minecraftin Along

I’ve been writing about a lot of stuff lately.  I wanted to blog about something that I love to play.  And that, is Minecraft!!!

Topics that are in Minecraft that I will be blogging about are: Mods, Types of Minecraft, Biomes, Mobs, Skins and Little bios about a Minecraft YouTuber

First off though, Minecraft was made by ‘Notch’  and Mojang in 2010

Mods: Mods are various packs that enhance the Minecraft experience. Mods are only available for Pc and Xbox. There are many types of Mods. Mods are big and small. You can put all kinds of mods into your game (be careful of lag though 🙂 ) If you want to know what certain mods there are and what they do. Be sure to go on YouTube and look up mod showcases by YouTubers like: JeromeASF, SkyDoesMinecraft, MinecraftUniverse, SSundee, BajanCanadian and even more.

Disclaimer: They didn’t ask me to do this this is all me :).

There’s lots of Mods to choose from. Mods include for example: Minions Mod, Godzilla Mod, Mario Mod, Crash Mod (for pranks :P) Attack on Titans Mod and so much More!!!

Types of Minecraft:  Minecraft comes in many different kinds. There’s Minecraft for Phone, Minecraft for computer, Minecraft for IPad and Minecraft for Xbox. If there’s any more kinds of Minecraft, my apologizes. Minecraft for phone and IPad are not as great as Minecraft  for computer and Xbox. IPad and Phone are just Creative and Survival whereas, Computer and maybe Xbox have Mods, Mini-games, Servers, Creative, Survival and maybe even MORE!!! Popular mini-games include: Hunger Games, Sumotori, Teacher, Cops And Robbers and Minecraft Party (Mario Party Parody)

Mobs: Mobs are creatures that spawn throughout Minecraft. There are Hostile, Peaceful and Neutral. Some mobs like the Wolf and Ocelot can be tamed to become Dogs and Cats. Dogs assist in attacking mobs that hurt your player. Cats can assist you in warding off Creepers, Mobs that blow up upon contact. Ocelots will change skins upon taming. Horses are also tameable meaning you can ride them over terrains. Skeletons have bow and arrows which means you have to avoid the arrows in order to kill them, Skeletons drop bones that can be made into bone meal which creates grass and flowers. Spiders can scale walls and try to jump on you, punch them in the air will knock them back taking fall damage. Mobs, like players can be harmed in various ways. Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders burn upon day whereas Creepers don’t. Zombies are slow meaning you can kill them pretty easily.

Skins: Skins can be applied to your player to give it pizzazz.  The chosen skin must be appropriate or it might result in being banned. You can keep your Steve skin but, that would be boring though right? 🙂 There are skins like: Bacca (JeromeASF) Lava Creeper and an Astronaunt

JeromeASF: , What ASF means, his old channel Awesome Sauce Films, Best Friend Mitch or the BajanCanadian. Mitch is 6 days older than Jerome. Nicknames: ‘Fluffy’, ‘Pope of Power Moves’ and ‘Biggums’ (used by Mitch) Jerome is in Team Crafted with Mitch, Ryan, Ian, Quentin and Jason. His skin is a Bacca in a suit.

I have minecraft for my ipad.  I like that I can create what I want.  I like that survival gives me a sense of adventure.

I really like Minecraft as you can tell.  I hope that you read this post and become fans too.





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