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The Dawn of The Frozen Bubble Apocalypse

-44c , a temperature that has  all people of Saskatchewan staying inside. But on the other hand, my mom and I went out to blow bubbles and watch them freeze. We took hot water and dish detergent and mixed it together then well… blew. We braved the cold and we braved it HARD!!! Although my face felt like falling right off. My mom on the other hand was having fun and I was too. My mom is not a person who likes cold, so it surprised me that I was the one who was complaining its cold. I’m the complete OPPOSITE of my mom  when it comes to the cold. But, here is what went down in the DAWN OF THE FROZEN BUBBLE APOCALYPSE!!!  (In a creepy whisper…) ICE BUBBLES WERE RAINING EVERYWHERE!!


If you can see it. it’s still there. Collapsing , but still there.


can you see the ice bubble?


It’s still there… shocking, it’s still there

Note: this was tried by two people living in the Land of The Living Skies. If there is extreme weather in your area, I’d advise you stay inside because there is a chance you could get Frostbite. But if you do try it BUNDLE UP because it’s likely going to be like this. This morning it was -53c, not a lie.

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