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We Week

This upcoming week (Wednesday November 6) I have been chosen to go to We Day Saskatchewan.

We Day is a concert and public speaking event that inspires young people like you and I to help change the world. It was founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger, co-CEO’s of Free The Children.

I’m happy because this event is going to inspire me to help make a bigger change in the world.  I may not be able to make a huge contribution the way the speakers do, but I can still contribute to my community and help the world in other ways.  Some ways to help the world is to raise money to help a less fortunate girl get an education.  Maybe I can get my school to raise money for a well.  I don’t know.  The people who are going to speak have a lot of experience with making a difference and that will make it all the more inspiring. 🙂

I’m excited because my family has decided to volunteer at the animal shelter.  I’ve volunteered at Big Brothers Big Sisters once.  I’ve donated things to a shelter.  Back in Ontario my mom and dad used to be in social services and use to take me to a couple of things.  I realized since then I want to help make a difference.  Not everybody has had the experiences I’ve had.  We always have done little things to help.

People who are speaking include

Hannah Alper- child blogger and youth speaker for We Day. You can follow her adventures at http://www.callmehannah.ca

Spencer West– We day ambassador and double amputee

Craig and Marc Kielburger- We day founders an co-CEO’s of Free the children

And so much MORE!!!!!!

I will be posting pictures on my instagram and twitter the day of!!  I hope you follow me and see what I have learned about making a change at We Day.  A band called Neverest will be playing!!  Who knows maybe one day I will have worked enough and be privileged enough to help in the way the speakers have been able to.

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