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Ideas For Presswithjess!

Sometimes, even I can get blogger’s block. I can’t even think of what to write for my daily Sunday post today. So, this is where you come in. All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps to give me an idea and you will be mentioned in the post I write about next Sunday.

1. Think of a topic (make sure it’s something I haven’t wrote about already) and it is an experience with life itself.
Ask a question you would like answered about living in saskatchewan.

2. Comment about it in the comments, make sure it starts like this: Jess, I think… then tell me what topic you want me to write about and why you want me to write about it. And if you want to see more of this. Tell me!!

3. Send the comment and next Sunday, your idea could be the next official Presswithjess post.

Thank you for helping and ask away!!!


Boredness Can Really Get to You

I am writing this because I’m extremely bored and have no clue what I should do. I now am going to give 6 ideas. If your also in the bored boat then this is the post for YOU!

1. Watch television

2. Play video games

3. Go on the computer

4. Play your Nintendo or whatever mobile electronic you got

5. Exercise so you don’t get in trouble from doing the last four I listed

And finally


Hope this helped for you bored peeps. See you soon! Thejessmeister out, PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

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