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Bullying- Bullying is unacceptable especially toward kids.

Bullying is when a kid is either teasing, harming, or taunting another kid.  It makes the kid who is being taunted, harmed or teased feel really bad and don’t deserve to live.  And that’s not right. – my own definition.

At my old school I was not bullied.  The motto was  “be a buddy, not a bully”.  If there was bullying I don’t know about it.

Yesterday, I fell victim to verbal and physical bullying.  For a few weeks he has made faces at me.  Not in a good way.  He has glared at me for no reason whatsoever.  He told me to get away when I went to the swings.  He snatched MY phone from my hands and I had to say give it back at least 10 times. I did not stop till he gave it back to me.. He found out my locker code and blurted it aloud to the whole class.  It’s a word lock.  I would mix up the letters and go out for recess.  When I would come back it spelled my word combination.

Someone else spread rumours that were not true about me.  Saying I was spreading rumours about the boy.

I told my parents.  I told my principal and teacher.  They helped me.  They supported me.

Yes, it was dealt with.  The kid who was bullying me did apologize and I said it’s fine we’re good. But I know it could start up again and I need to be prepared!!  I’m actually nervous it might start up again.

I think I handled it well at the start because I stood up for my rights because I was being treated bad.  I did stand up for what I knew  was right and brought down the power that the bully thought he had.

I know that everywhere kids are committing suicide because of bullying.  I know that together we can stop bullying and help kids to not be a victim.  To stand up to those individuals who think they own the kids that they pick on. We are all the same, no one is different and no one can be perfect. We have to annihalte bullying so kids live their lives peacefully.

This is a good website to help kids know what bullying is and how to stop it.  http://bullyingcanada.ca/content/239900

PS.  This one my  mom helped me edit because I had a lot of thoughts.


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