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Saskatoon…ing Part 2: Stores, Foods and Observatories Oh My!!!


My parents and I went to an abnormally large amount of stores.  We went to stores like Indigo, a pet store called Petcetera and so much more!! I’m trying to find a better aquarium for Calvin.  The mall was a real mall.  Huge with lots of stores that were open.  Living in a small town, our mall is tiny…where businesses go to die.  There’s a lot of empty stores there.  In the mall I spotted something that I haven’t seen in a VERY LONG TIME! And I’m talking very long time. Something I thought only existed in Ontario. YOGEN FRUZ!!! I got to get a strawberry frozen yogurt. I got only sour toppings. Its nice to see something from your home province once in awhile:)  It made me realize how much I miss living in a real city.


Now you may be thinking. ” Food? Why Food?” Well my fellow humans I will tell you. I saw weird and good things this trip.  Foods like Yogen Fruz and an awesome cafe at a museum to funny foods  Chocolate Bacon Toffee.


Would you eat this?I didn’t taste the bacon toffee because to me, just sounded plain weird.

They reminded me one thing and one thing only. Home. Don’t ask me why though. Food makes you  think of things so, why can’t I think of home? 😀  I guess right now I’d really like to move back home to Ontario.


The cool thing about my trip to Saskatoon (also the whole purpose of the trip) was the observatory. It is the university observatory which, is open to the public on Saturdays. I was standing outside when the roof started to open so the telescope could see out.  It was pretty cool when the roof opened.  After a clear day, the night was cloudy.  So it wasn’t cool when all I could see was clouds and white ( aka the moon).  If we lived in the city we could just go back the next clear night.  Living so far away, we can’t go back for awhile.   Still a pretty good experience in general.  I’m really glad my parents took me.

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And that concludes our two part post of Saskatoon..ing.  Pretty fun huh?  

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