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Kids N Kops with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Ever since I moved to Saskatchewan I felt uncomfortable with the changes in my life.  One organization is helping me get over those changes and that is Big Brothers Big Sisters. What is BBBS you ask? Well my fellow readers, read on!!

BBBS is an organization that helps kids across Canada in different circumstances.  Some are from very busy families with one parent, some are poor or some come from bad neighbourhoods.  One program that I’m in is the Big Sister program.  It helps the kids to know that they are really important and are apart of the world.  I’m in BBBS because my mom works and my dad is really  sad and can’t do that much with me.  I’m really looking forward to getting a Big Sister.

One of the things I got to do this summer is a camp called Kids n Kops. It’s a program where 12 kids ages 9-12 learn what it’s like to be an RCMP Cadet.  One of the funders is Sask. lotteries.  I did a lot of pretty amazing things like: going to the Regina Science Centre, staying in a hotel with a water slide and a pool,  RCMP heritage centre and parade, and meeting the Yorkton mayor.  I learnt new and very interesting things about Saskatchewan and the national police service.

At the end of the week we had a big award ceremony with the other kids.  I got the title ‘Cadet of the week’ which I was very proud of myself. After we went bowling to celebrate.

BBBS is a really great organization that has soooo many different people giving up their time to help kids feel special.  My mom and I are helping the organization clean flowers this week.  How in the world do you clean a flower?

20130816_130850 (1)

Constable Taylor, me, Kaylee and Amanda. My cadet of the week picture.  I asked for everyone’s permission to put this pic up.


My certificate hanging on my wall. I’m very proud of it.


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