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A-Fair-ing Event

Just this past Friday, my family and I went to the Yorkton Exhibition. It was our first time going as last summer we missed it by a day or two. It was fun… that is until I got sick.  The spider was to arachnid.  (Went on the ride called the spider for the second time after lunch …. horrible idea.)   I will tell you about my 5 favourite things I did when we were there. Even though we did so many things, I narrowed it down to 4 rides and 1 game      This is in no particular order.

The Vertigo:

It’s kind of like the swing ride at Canada’s Wonderland, only smaller – tiny town tiny ride 🙂  You sit in a swing made for 2 people (preferably someone you know, because if you don’t,  that’s  just plain creepy ;)).  It took awhile for  it to start because the ride operator was waiting for more people. My dad was rocking our swing side to side. When I asked what he was doing, he said “It’s  a  ride within a ride.” It was about five minutes and, then the music started. We rose up… and… up to the very top. It then started to swing around and around. It was going fast enough ’till we were kind of slanted (I think) My mom was taking pictures from the bottom as she would gotten easily sick if she went on. It only lasted a few minutes and then, it  ended.


I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky 🙂

Super Shot:

This is like the Drop Zone at Canada’s Wonderland.  But smaller.  This is going to be short, fast and fun. The Super Shot is a ride where you are in this harness-seat type thingy and when it starts you rise upwards. At the top you dangle there for a bit. I could see all of Yorkton (which… just goes to show I do live in a small town ;)) Then… with no warning… You’re ‘shot’ down at breakneck speed. (Ok maybe not, but it just sounds more intense that way) You stop just a few inches from the bottom and then you descend slowly.  I liked this ride. 


Shooting Up!

Spin Out:

This by far,was the most craziest ride that I’ve been on. Just for the record we did not see a height requirement poster. I don’t think any of the rides had them.  But I am tall and 12.  I was just as tall if not taller then some of the people going on the ride.  Spin Out is where you are in a chair with a thick harness. When it starts, you start rapidly spinning. You are upright then, you quickly spin… up…side…down. It was hard because if I didn’t have my back up against the chair I would’ve had a high chance of falling out. If I did though, my legs would try to jam itself into the thing where it keeps the thick harness from coming off. I came to the conclusion I’m still too small even though I’m twelve.  It was a good ride…because I’m still alive. 


See you ’round

Sizzler a.k.a. Scrambler:

It’s called the Sizzler here. But, back in Ontario, the name of this ride was called the Scrambler. It just makes much more sense for me to call it the Scrambler. The Scrambler is where you are in a car like seat and there is 3 others attached to the same pole. When it starts the whole thing ‘scrambles’ it up. The best part was the breeze you got when you would go around

Dart Game:

Even though, this was the only game I did (being someone with hardly any money) I still had fun. It was pretty simple. Three darts hit three balloons. You win a prize. I only hit two out of three. I still got a prize though, it was a turtle I named Squirto, He is Squirt’s cousin (Finding Nemo reference…)

It was a fun day…even though I almost died 🙂





Sand Duning

This past Wednesday was the last day of school. My class went on a sand dune hike to Good Spirit Lake. I have never been to Good Spirit Lake let alone on an actual sand dune.  It was actually really cool.

It took about an hour to get there, and when we got there it felt good to be in the cool lake breeze. We played at the park for a little while until we were ready to set out. We first went through the forest. It was really cool because we saw Deer tracks and what looked to me like wolf tracks. The claw marks looked like it.  We also saw these cool flowers.

Most of the people went wading into the water. I did too, but not very far in as some people. The water was cold at first, but it was cool too. There were lots of sticks, vines and… Minnows. There were a lot of Minnows in the lake.

The sand dunes were the real deal!  We were going up and over dunes.  They were very steep, sandy hills.  My legs killed by the time I got home. Tiring but actually pretty epic.  There was poison ivy all down the hill and at the bottom was a sign that said ‘Caution Poison Ivy’.  Everyone was screaming poison ivy as they passed. The funny part… someone almost fell into it 🙂 Listening comes in handy don’t you think 😉 There was a trail going through the forest so we took that. We went off the trail back onto the beach after about 5 minutes… I know, short timing. We got a fair ways across ’till we had to go back.

The trip back was horrid, we got lost. We were walking across grassy areas, sandy beaches and metal trails. We stopped to wait for the stragglers. As I looked around, I saw this cool plant, so I wanted to pick it up and look at it. Yea, wrong idea… it was thorny and when I finally got a piece off, we had to go. Time well spent I must say…NOT! My pinky, which played a huge part in getting it off started to itch and swell like a bug bite. It took like… 5 hours to get back (in retrospect it only like half an hour to a full hour) Once we got back, we played on the park that was there.

We were in the park area for about an hour. Fun but a long hour. I spectated a game of grounders, by leading the person who was it to the others. Then it shifted to CTF (Capture The Flag) We were playing for about half an hour. It was rough I tell you… I got caught once. When we finally  got the flag, they started a new game. But, when the teams were picked… it got a little unfair. So, most of us quit. There was this pavilion or gazebo (I don’t know what it’s called) and some people went there. My friend found what looked like dead baby birds. But, they turned out to be alive (thank gosh).  Nothing special – we didn’t touch them and left them for the parents. 

Then, we had to go. The bus driver was driving WICKED FAST! (Saskatchewan Slang, sorry ;)) It took shorter then the ride to then the ride from. It was a good day, a good day.


YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Last week of school, you know what that means! Summer Vacation!!

And, hoo boy do I have plans. I know what you’re thinking “what are your plans?” Well, I’d tell you… but, I can’t really. I mean, as much I would like to… I know most of what my family and I are doing. I have plans for other stuff. We are going out of Saskatchewan for a trip.   It’s going to be AWESOME. I’m being honest about how awesome it’s going to be because I have had one HECK of a year I wouldn’t want to do again.  Moving from home to here where I have no friends,starting a new school – again – because of bullying, and barely  getting  to know the people at my new school before summer starts. I was starting to like them but, my new school I’m currently at is just too far. And, I’m talking other side of town far.  So in September I’m going to a new school. 

We also are going on to 1 ish years of being here.

I’ve learned this past year I can be as tough as a rock.  When we first moved here I felt broken off from the world.  Everything that has happened, I have not accepted any guff.  Also I learned that respect has become a big part of my life.  To get respect you need to give respect. 

In other news:

I will be going to the sand dunes here too!!   I am really excited because this is a new experience for me and I think it will be fun. I can’t wait to tell you about them in another post. 




Pongin’ Around


Disclaimer: Before this blog begins, I would just like to say  even though I am a Chapters-Indigo affiliate, this is all my own opinion. 

I was bored and had nowhere to go.  I asked my mom if we could go to Coles. Why did we go to Coles you ask? Well, I’ll you!  When we lived in Ontario, we would always go to the Chapters near by.  Even though we didn’t have a lot of money, Chapters always had a lot to do or read. 

Living in a small town, there’s nothing that we really can do on a rainy day.  Coles is like the size of our house.  It’s not big.  It was something that wasn’t boring.  I came up with a couple coins.  I immediately bolted around the place searching for something that caught my eye.  I only had $7, and living in a small town things aren’t cheaper then the city.  I saw lots of things I wanted but they were too expensive.  When I saw the Desktop Ping-Pong, it looked interesting.  It was $8.95.  My mom chipped in the rest. 


What was inside the Ping-Pong box


When we got home, I got it out and set it out. It took a couple minutes in total to set it up. The suction thingies didn’t stick right away. Luckily, I finally got it to stick. Fact: I can’t Ping or Pong! It was fun though. I kept hitting it backward.

Here are some facts from the mini book:

  • People use household items to play back in the day (example cigar box lids for paddles)
  • one of it’s first name was ‘Whiff-Whaff’
  • The International Table Tennis Federation was formed in 1926

 Stuff like this is always fun especially when you don’t have the slightest clue how to play 😉

Moving On

The good times times  you share with your family, friends and pets – all the people who matter in your life. There’s also the bad times when you have a fight with your friend or  when your pet dies or when your family gets angry with you. Something I just described happened this week. No – I’m not talking about fights with friends or family. I’m talking about a pet dying.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know my betta fish Calvin then you probably know I loved him a lot. This past Wednesday I was cleaning my tank for Calvin. Something devastating happened.  Calvin had died. I was really sad that it had happened. I actually did think there was something more I could do. I thought it was my fault, but my parents reassured me that it wasn’t. Sometimes crappy things just happen.  Instead of watching Calvin go down the toilet, what most fish owners do when  their fish dies , I did something a little different.  I went to the back of our yard with container still full of water and Calvin in it.  I had a shovel with me. When I got to the back of the yard, I dug a hole.  I poured the container out into the hole.  The hole is pretty small , but trust me it made sense. Small fish – small hole.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to let go of the things you love. Everyone has gone  through something like this. Even though I am still recovering from my loss, I know that I have done good taking care of Calvin.  He died happy and that’s all that matters. Please comment if you have gone through something similar.


First Circus

On Tuesday of this past week, I went to probably my first EVER circus. It was called the Wa-Wa Shrine Circus. It wasn’t a huge circus like Cirque Du Soleli. But it was a circus for me anyway :).


All the acts unite at the beginning

There was a fair amount of acts like clowns, acrobats and a sword balancing.  Personally my favourite part (s) were the sword balancing and the clowns.

There were horses, but they were the only animals there. One act was a Clydesdale and a tiny little midget horse. The tiny horse kept biting the huge Clydesdale.  All the Clydesdale wanted to do is get away from the little horse and the ring. So he left the ring a few times.  I laughed. Clydesdales I read are normally very stubborn and hard to train. All in all it seemed actually well-trained – minus the trying to escape parts.


The Great Mikal (I think that’s how you spell it)

Another act with the horses were the acrobats.  It was pretty cool because the horses actually ran around in a perfect circle while letting the acrobats who were doing tricks on their backs. Tricks were done like flips on the horse and jumping over spears ( I think they were real because I saw them shining) and a bunch more. The sword balancer and assistant were dressed like Pirates of The Caribbean. It was cool  because he had this little sword then balanced bigger swords and other things like axes on top of the little sword. If you were there or went to one of the shows (I don’t know where in Saskatchewan though ;)) then you probably would think it’s cool too 😀

The clowns were cool too, one of the clowns also doubled as the ringmaster. I think he was my age but I don’t know because of the dark. The oldest clown was riding a lot of bikes. Two of which were the smallest bikes I have ever SEEN!!!!


The ring master who I think was around my age. I would love to be able to do something like this.

There was souvenirs and food like all circuses have. Personally I think they should lower the prices. For example, a bubble gun was being sold for $20 bucks whereas I know you could buy it elsewhere $5. But, the circus is a way to raise money for the Shriners for the children that they help.  They also need the money to keep hosting shows like the one I went to.  It was a good show.


I learned – all through today. It was pure torture I tell you, pure torture 🙂 It was just complete anarchy.  First place, Doukhobor, set in Veregin – population of a grand total of 42. Then, Kamsack, the town near a mountain of ducks a.k.a. Duck Mountain. (At least I think it’s near there).

First I had to get up early. It’s a normal thing to do, on school days!! Not on a WEEKEND!! I’ve been doing this all weekend. At around 9 o clock , my parents dragged me along to the car ( not literally though :)) We set off.  It took about 45 minutes to an hour to get there, but we passed the time with music!! Ahh good ole music to rock and wake up your mind.

We arrived at Doukhobor National Heritage Village. The main building was locked so we called the museum.  A man came to unlock all the buildings for us.


Can you see me?


Who’s that looking in my window?

My favourite part out of all of it was when we went into the schoolhouse/banquet hall. There were a whole bunch of benches in the back and chairs in the front. I said while pointing at the benches “Poor people section” and then I pointed at the chairs and said “Rich people section” It was a hit with my parent’s……………… I guess you had to be there.  It was funny.


Benches in the back, really nice chairs in the front.

After we took a tour of Veregin – population 42 – a minute later we completed the tour.


A lot of stores look like this in Veregin

We then took off to the ‘ Garden Of Saskatchewan’ a.k.a. Kamsack. I found a house there that reminded me of a house in Mississauga. We also went to  the Kamsack museum. I saw so many things, like an Ontario College of pharmacists diploma, Old toys, old guide and scout uniforms, olden days gas pump and many more.


A redneck limousine (JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE NO HATE)


I could be in the Corner Gas movie!! 🙂 I’m a natural!! (Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge)

It wasn’t the weekend I was hoping for, but it was cool 🙂

Want to know more? Head on down to Veregin and/or Kamsack or check out the links below.





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