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The Affiliate

If you were to look at the left side of my blog you would find that there is a new button. If you were to press that particular  button… it would take you to the Chapters-Indigo website. That only means one thing.  I’M AN AFFILIATE!!! That’s right folks, my email’s to companies finally paid off 🙂

If you’re one of those people who don’t know or just found out what affiliate means (like me who found out what it means). Then, affiliate is this…


A person or organization officially connected to a larger body.

Meaning… well… I’m only 12 so I don’t even know what that really means. But, I’m going to try to put it in a term I  can easily understand. So, A person or Organization eg. me is connected for business with a bigger company like Chapters-Indigo.  I can talk about stuff I buy or things like that and you can click to them from my website 🙂

A really nice lady Frances by email …or man … Frances could be a boy…. helped me and got my application approved!!

That’s all for now!!  Thank you Chapters-Indigo for giving me this opportunity.

The Done Bucket List and Party Amidst

This is an idea from Mikimayla of  Thailand. We have become kinda friends even though we’ve never met because we both blog.  You should check out her blog too.  She does one in French and one in English.  She asked for me to make a list of interesting things I’ve accomplished.  So, I am going to make a list of the top ten most interesting things I’ve done in my life:

1. Went to Australia – exotic animals, brilliant hills, Australia is a place to go and never come back!!  I held a koala!!  It hurt with love (the claws hee hee)

2. Got 1st place in a Remembrance Day essay contest out of about 25 schools in my area when I was in Ontario – I was in the newspaper for my city.

3. Made a blog – Something I don’t regret doing 🙂

4. Getting a blog that became international – Why I don’t regret doing it!!

5. Having a reader base that stretches from Canada all the way across to New Zealand  – I have made friends with Mikimayla in Thailand.  Someone in New Zealand.  It’s been extraordinary to see things from across the world.

6. Went to We Day – greatest life changer in my life so far.  You don’t need to be special, (like a celebrity, or someone famous), to make a difference. 

7. Went to Regina by myself overnight – I went with a camp.  It was the first time I was far away from my parents, but it was awesome!!

8. Meeting a famous band – My mom made me go.  I met New Kids on The Block 🙂 Donnie Wahlberg played around with me for a few seconds.  I like him 🙂

9. Moving from big city Ontario to small town Saskatchewan. This one, not that much of a deal to me.  And, finally

10. Buying a T.V. with my own money – I thought it would be cool to have it in my room.  I was impressed with myself that I saved my own money to buy something so great. 

In other news, I went to a party for my good friend E. We went to the Gallagher centre for 3 whole hours!! My other good friend S was there too. We went on the Aquaclimb wall, did the 5 1/4 storey waterslide, dove in the pool from the diving board.   So much more. After the Gallagher, we went back to E’s house in the grand ole country. On the way, we saw a “Lightning Mcqueen” (car) stuck in a ditch. It’s winter here and the roads are pretty icy.  It was pretty funny but probably not for them. Inside, my friend S went downstairs to the lounge, she wanted to surprise E.  She made the whole lounge a party zone.  I distracted E and helped S.   When it was done, it was pretty amazing if you ask me. Which you should, because I witnessed it. We had cake, opened presents, and made a movie!!! Pretty great party if you ask me, right??? WRONG! It was an amazing party. We were up ’till around 3:00am. Soon enough, it was time to go. I didn’t want to leave considering it was my first Sask. sleepover away party. But, I missed my family.

To all of you who are going to their first sleepover party or just a regular sleepover, do what I did. Give it time and it will go by in a heartbeat. Trust me, that happened with this party.  Amazing experience. 

Hopefully Mikimayla and I meet  🙂 That would be cool 🙂

BTW – only 27 more days till I turn 12 !! 


Koala Hugging – Flashback to November 2012. I hope one day we can go back to Australia. It was the best trip.

Ideas For Presswithjess!

Sometimes, even I can get blogger’s block. I can’t even think of what to write for my daily Sunday post today. So, this is where you come in. All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps to give me an idea and you will be mentioned in the post I write about next Sunday.

1. Think of a topic (make sure it’s something I haven’t wrote about already) and it is an experience with life itself.
Ask a question you would like answered about living in saskatchewan.

2. Comment about it in the comments, make sure it starts like this: Jess, I think… then tell me what topic you want me to write about and why you want me to write about it. And if you want to see more of this. Tell me!!

3. Send the comment and next Sunday, your idea could be the next official Presswithjess post.

Thank you for helping and ask away!!!


How I Became International!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was an International SUCCESS for Press with Jess.  And I will tell you loyal people WHY!!!!!

It all started this past week when I was sitting happily on the living room couch watching TV.  My mom came to me with her phone in hand and said “look at this”.  So I did and what I saw just totally shocked me. On the site I was looking at was the newest Kids Blog Club article about the new kid bloggers. And there placed in number 4 was yours truly. And that’s just the beginning .

A U.k. adult  blogger Jessica Hodkinson saw that post.  She talked to my mom on twitter and asked me to guest post on her site.  I had so much fun doing that.

It’s giving me all the more confidence to keep strong, have fun in Saskatchewan and I can get through it even missing everyone in Ontario.

It’s been fun getting to know other kids blogs. I like reading them.

And now I am proud to announce Press with jess is now at over 400 views.

Special thanks to Kids Blog Club and Jessica Hodkinson in the U.K. for giving me the opportunity to do a guest post on her blog. All of this has helped me with confidence!!

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