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When you’re in a place like Ontario, opportunities come like a snap. There is so much you can go do and see.  But when you’re in Saskatchewan, things to do are more harder to find then in Ontario. For me, I’ve had to look in my small town for things to do.  And let’s just say I’ve never been so busy in my entire life!!! Some of these things include…

Jessica approved

One of my new profound hobbies. Drawing!!!


Another one. Guitar!!!

I also took up soccer,drama and of course, BLOGGING!!!!! Now I have a ton of things I can do!!

So,to all those kids who are having a bit of difficulty finding things to do  in a new province they had to move to. Trust me, things you like to do will come, just you wait!!!


Some times it’s ok to have days like this where you just draw a picture.


And The Nominees Are…

Today I was in for a big surprise.  http://thirteenthsparkle.wordpress.com had nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award.  I also was nominated for that same award by http://angelicatales.wordpress.com.  I  would just like to thank those two people. You also should check their blog’s out. I have and I thought they were SO  EPIC. Maybe you’ll think so too?!


You must nominate others, and write 7 things about yourself.  You must also put the award logo on  your blog.  I would like to  nominate





I really like these blogs.  Check them out!!

7 things about me:

1.  I have a warped sense of humour

2.  I’m 11 years old

3.  I LOVE 1D

4.  I hate chick peas even though my mom makes me eat them

5.  I’m from Ontario

6.  I’ve travelled to Australia once and love to travel.

7.  I play the guitar

On another note, if you’re a Rider fan then you’ll love what I’m about to say next!!!

This past Sunday I went to a  Saskatchewan Roughrider game. It was my first and it was totally worth going.  Big Brothers Big Sisters invited me to go with other kids who have no Big Brother or Sister yet.  I was 10 little rows away from the playing field. My fav part was the halftime show which was the Regina Atom Division Football Players.  They are 10 – 12 years old.   It was cool to see them scrimmage!! Have you been to a football game?  Would you go back.  While I liked it, I wouldn’t go again cuz you just sit there.

Now, even though I’m in Saskatchewan, and let’s face it I don’t like it here, things have really taken a turn in the road for me.  I am starting to like it (aside from the long boring bus rides to school everything is just swell!!).  Don’t get me wrong – I still miss Ontario.  But here I’ve done stuff I wasn’t able to do.

THe post that isnt

Hello everybody,

Today is the day I do my posts.  I can’t though because I’m going away.  Big Brother Big Sisters got tickets for a Saskatchewan Rough Riders game and they invited me to go!!!!  The game is against British Columbia.  I am going to Regina for this.

My mom and Dad are happy because they don’t like football and they get to stay home.  BBBS is a great organization and hopefully someone volunteers to be my big sister soon.

Tuesday when I am home from school I will write a post about my week and the things I have done.  Come back then!!!!


Operation:School week 1 as new kid – complete!!

This week I was sad because I had to start school without knowing anybody, but all in all it was a decent week and, I shall tell you why!!

I was pretty sure I would never make friends. BUT since I had confidence in myself I was able to make friends with P and T.  P is new too.  She moved from another small town in Saskatchewan and didn’t know anybody.  T on the other hand didn’t come to school till the last day of the week.  Apparently she had to get used to getting up early.  If I had asked to do that my mom would have laughed at me.

I do miss my Ontario school and all my friends.  But school here is pretty cool.

jessica blog picture

Advice for the new kid in school :)

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