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New Pet #2

I’m sorry I haven’t done a blog for a couple of weeks but I have a good reason why. I have been helping my grandparents move about an hour away from us.

My news!!

I bought a new pet. But to get it I needed money. So, I sold my Ds and two games. I have my 3ds so it’s all good. When we went the first time to the pawn shop… it was closed. So I had to wait till the next day. So when the next day finally came, we had to go help my grandparents. They were moving stuff up to their new house.  So, I ended up waiting until the next day.

I was very patient.

The day finally came, I was over the MOON!!! (Not literally though).  We went to  a pet store by my house that provides good supplies, information and has small pets like: Fish,Hamsters and Birds.  While I was hoping for a hamster, my mom said no rodents.  One day maybe 🙂  )

There were so many different fish, but I had to get a Betta again because of money. They are cheaper.  (Like Calvin as you may know in Introducing… My Pet Calvin and Moving On).  This time his name is Hobbes. It’s not a coincidence that I have had two fish named Calvin and Hobbes.   I planned that on porpoise (I mean purpose, but I’ve got fish on the brain haha).

In the car I pondered this, How long will Hobbes last… Six months or more. In the driveway I carefully got out due to the fact I have a blue and red male Betta in my hands.  I’m trying for more then six months.



TFIOS review

Sorry I did this a day late. I’ve been busy LOVING being in Ontario. Now, here it is!!!!! The Fault In Our Stars Review.

Disclaimer: SilverCity Movie Theatre and the makers of TFIOS did not pay trillions and trillions of money (although it would be nice ;)) for this review.

This is a description: (in my own words)

17 year old Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) has cancer. She has an oxygen machine which helps her breathe as her lungs will fill up with fluid. She reluctantly goes to a couple support group for kids with cancer where she meets a honestly good looking guy named Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). As they get to know each other, both develop a relationship. Augustus is an amputee and later on getting cancer and having another leg amputated (I think because I couldn’t see but it looked a lot like it) and Hazel has stage 4 cancer. Together they are unstoppable. They have a picnic, go to Amsterdam to see the writer of their favourite book “An Imperial Infliction” to find answers, only to get insulted and get no answers because he was heavily wasted. Augustus also hosts a pre-funeral so he could attend it in person.

My favourite parts were when Augustus and Hazel were taking off and Augustus was so amazed because he’s never been on a plane.  Also when they first met and he put a cigarette in his mouth and Hazel was disgusted.  He explains that you put the thing that does the killing between your teeth but don’t give it the power to do the killing. That was a good metaphor as Augustus said.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes these kinds of movies (I think it’s a Rom-Com, but I have no clue). I’m thinking of reading the book too.

If you see the movie, hope you felt happy and sad and everything in between as I did. BYEEEEEEE


YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Last week of school, you know what that means! Summer Vacation!!

And, hoo boy do I have plans. I know what you’re thinking “what are your plans?” Well, I’d tell you… but, I can’t really. I mean, as much I would like to… I know most of what my family and I are doing. I have plans for other stuff. We are going out of Saskatchewan for a trip.   It’s going to be AWESOME. I’m being honest about how awesome it’s going to be because I have had one HECK of a year I wouldn’t want to do again.  Moving from home to here where I have no friends,starting a new school – again – because of bullying, and barely  getting  to know the people at my new school before summer starts. I was starting to like them but, my new school I’m currently at is just too far. And, I’m talking other side of town far.  So in September I’m going to a new school. 

We also are going on to 1 ish years of being here.

I’ve learned this past year I can be as tough as a rock.  When we first moved here I felt broken off from the world.  Everything that has happened, I have not accepted any guff.  Also I learned that respect has become a big part of my life.  To get respect you need to give respect. 

In other news:

I will be going to the sand dunes here too!!   I am really excited because this is a new experience for me and I think it will be fun. I can’t wait to tell you about them in another post. 




Moving On

The good times times  you share with your family, friends and pets – all the people who matter in your life. There’s also the bad times when you have a fight with your friend or  when your pet dies or when your family gets angry with you. Something I just described happened this week. No – I’m not talking about fights with friends or family. I’m talking about a pet dying.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know my betta fish Calvin then you probably know I loved him a lot. This past Wednesday I was cleaning my tank for Calvin. Something devastating happened.  Calvin had died. I was really sad that it had happened. I actually did think there was something more I could do. I thought it was my fault, but my parents reassured me that it wasn’t. Sometimes crappy things just happen.  Instead of watching Calvin go down the toilet, what most fish owners do when  their fish dies , I did something a little different.  I went to the back of our yard with container still full of water and Calvin in it.  I had a shovel with me. When I got to the back of the yard, I dug a hole.  I poured the container out into the hole.  The hole is pretty small , but trust me it made sense. Small fish – small hole.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to let go of the things you love. Everyone has gone  through something like this. Even though I am still recovering from my loss, I know that I have done good taking care of Calvin.  He died happy and that’s all that matters. Please comment if you have gone through something similar.


My Dental Journey of Pain :(

Many people have to go to dentists for little things like cleaning and oral consultations and big things like braces, teeth extractions and cavity fillings. I myself have endured all of those things. I have overcrowding, teeth that don’t grow in for at least  a year and eye teeth. That may seem like a lot of dental problems… that’s because it is. I have been through a lot of dental appointments and they haven’t been all great.  But the dentist’s personalized mission is: to fix my mouth and so I can have a mouth I can smile and be proud of.

Braces: Those dental appliances to help create a better smile. I have had braces twice. Once in grade 3 and 4.  Those braces weren’t for straightening though.  When I had braces that time, it was to get the tooth that wouldn’t grow in to come down. Of course, I couldn’t have things like jujubes, gummies, granola bars, gum , so on and so on and so on and so on.  I was kinda happy about it because I couldn’t stand having a gap where the tooth was not coming down.  When I had braces the first time I was fine because I knew the people who would see it well enough to know they would be nice to me.  

This past Friday, I went to the dentist in Manitoba for braces. Living in a small rural town, one of the things I don’t like is sometimes you have to drive a long time to get to a special doctor.  We live close to the border and we heard this dentist was good.  It was almost the same distance to Regina.

For the next 18 months, I will have to pass on sticky, chewy, awesome, sweet things. It takes me longer to floss. I am not thrilled but I get why.

Have you had to go through something like I did? If you did… comment. I’d like to know I am not the only one 🙂



It might be a bad drawing but… it’s braces on teeth



The Postponed Ski Trip and Company Update

Hey everybody!!  I would be talking about the ski trip but I’m not 😦 And here is why.

The ski trip was supposed to be the 22nd. Extreme Weather = heartbroken kids….especially me…who has never been skiing in her life.  It was something -31 C.  The chaperones/teachers didn’t even know if we had a bus driver. There is kind of a positive to the new date of the 30th and that is… I have a P.A day (school day off) on the 31st.  A really good weekend.  So it all works out in the end.

Now, you’re probably thinking why the title has ‘company update’ in it. No, I don’t run a company, I run a blogging Empire. But, the reason is this;I wrote to a company asking if I could review a product of theirs and maybe hold a contest.   I haven’t heard back from them. So, I will give it another shot with another company and cross my fingers for that letter.

The last thing I wanted to tell you.  Even though I’m not in Ontario anymore, there is still a little part of me that is 🙂  My older cousin sent a photo of me.  About 1 1/2 years ago, my mom and I entered a contest to be ambassadors of the library.  We had to write why we loved the library and we won !!  We did a photo shoot.

When I saw the picture I felt like One Direction!! It’s a big poster in the library.  I’M FAMOUS!!

Jessica lib

This is the picture my cousin took of my poster in the library.
I’m such a beaut!!!!

Soccer And Santa Clause

Twas a quiet week and all through Saskatchewan not a single sound until soccer started today.

Today, I had a soccer tournament. It was pretty much a Tuesday practice on a Saturday.  It  was still a lot of fun!!! I have to say since the beginning of the soccer season here in Saskatchewan, I’ve been getting better and better. Although we lost, it still was a lot of fun playing the game.


An action shot of yours truly 🙂

After the soccer tournament,  we went to Wendy’s which is a fast food restaurant with amazing fries. I was so hungry after playing 2 hours of soccer!! When we finished we headed over to the Santa Clause parade. It was a short and fun parade. I got so much stuff from it. In Ontario, I mainly got candy canes.  Here I got a candy necklace and bracelet.  Gummies.  Jolly Rancher lolly-pop.  And of course candy canes.   It was very cool and it looked delicious.  I can’t wait to devour them!!


My 1st Saskatchewan Santa Clause parade

Nothing else happened this week.  It was quiet week and I had fun.

How was your week?

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