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Sand Duning

This past Wednesday was the last day of school. My class went on a sand dune hike to Good Spirit Lake. I have never been to Good Spirit Lake let alone on an actual sand dune.  It was actually really cool.

It took about an hour to get there, and when we got there it felt good to be in the cool lake breeze. We played at the park for a little while until we were ready to set out. We first went through the forest. It was really cool because we saw Deer tracks and what looked to me like wolf tracks. The claw marks looked like it.  We also saw these cool flowers.

Most of the people went wading into the water. I did too, but not very far in as some people. The water was cold at first, but it was cool too. There were lots of sticks, vines and… Minnows. There were a lot of Minnows in the lake.

The sand dunes were the real deal!  We were going up and over dunes.  They were very steep, sandy hills.  My legs killed by the time I got home. Tiring but actually pretty epic.  There was poison ivy all down the hill and at the bottom was a sign that said ‘Caution Poison Ivy’.  Everyone was screaming poison ivy as they passed. The funny part… someone almost fell into it 🙂 Listening comes in handy don’t you think 😉 There was a trail going through the forest so we took that. We went off the trail back onto the beach after about 5 minutes… I know, short timing. We got a fair ways across ’till we had to go back.

The trip back was horrid, we got lost. We were walking across grassy areas, sandy beaches and metal trails. We stopped to wait for the stragglers. As I looked around, I saw this cool plant, so I wanted to pick it up and look at it. Yea, wrong idea… it was thorny and when I finally got a piece off, we had to go. Time well spent I must say…NOT! My pinky, which played a huge part in getting it off started to itch and swell like a bug bite. It took like… 5 hours to get back (in retrospect it only like half an hour to a full hour) Once we got back, we played on the park that was there.

We were in the park area for about an hour. Fun but a long hour. I spectated a game of grounders, by leading the person who was it to the others. Then it shifted to CTF (Capture The Flag) We were playing for about half an hour. It was rough I tell you… I got caught once. When we finally  got the flag, they started a new game. But, when the teams were picked… it got a little unfair. So, most of us quit. There was this pavilion or gazebo (I don’t know what it’s called) and some people went there. My friend found what looked like dead baby birds. But, they turned out to be alive (thank gosh).  Nothing special – we didn’t touch them and left them for the parents. 

Then, we had to go. The bus driver was driving WICKED FAST! (Saskatchewan Slang, sorry ;)) It took shorter then the ride to then the ride from. It was a good day, a good day.



I’ve been having a rough couple months at school.  I’m getting bullied.

But sometimes it’s hard to prove what is happening when it isn’t physical.  Bullying Canada says bullying can be keeping certain people out of a group, sarcasm, and name calling.  Things like that are called verbal and social bullying.

My mom and dad are in my corner and they are at the school a lot to try and stop it.   Back in Ontario, bullying at my school was dealt with in a snap. Here, I think not so much. I am desperate for more friends and wish that this had never started up in the first place.

It pains me to see this is a major problem here in my town. No one should have to go through this.  It doesn’t matter if you are a child or and adult. Bullying is a horrible thing. Some were so affected by it that, children and adults took their own lives because of it. Some famous anti bullying quotes include: “Imagine every child went to sleep, not fearing what the next day will bring“- Mark Feehily, “Like all bullies, their cowards underneath the swagger“- Robert Pattinson and ” Bullies will: Hate you, rate you, shake you and break you but, how strong you stand is what makes you”– Stay positive quote from Tumblr. I made my own quote ” No matter what they do to demolish your pride, dignity and spirit, stay strong and positive, no one can be able to take that from you” There are many ways to deal with bullying.  No matter what, never let anyone judge you for who and what you are. Just be yourself and be no one else. Places you can go for help


Kids Help Phone

Your parents

Your teacher

Police officer or RCMP

Stop a Bully

Red Cross

My mom is actually trying to figure out how to become a parent public speaker about bullying.  To talk to parents about the right way to deal with issues like this.  I would love to be able to go with her and talk to kids to about what to do.  It’s hard.  It would be nice to move back home to my old school.

Hope you like it and, if you went through something like this comment.   When we stand together, no one can bring us DOWN!


Disclaimer: My quote and the when we stand together, no one can bring us down is my words. It’s not plagiarism, I looked it up on Google.

Assesippi Has Never Been So Much FUN!!!!!!!

As you see from the title: I am going to talk about my Ski Trip to good ole Assesippi.

Going down the hills were AMAZING!!! I went so fast I actually passed people. On the hills, there are different runs, I do have a favourite one. It is called Assesippi Valley. You go down the hill then turn and go up a mini hill. Then you go down the up and turn, after you go down a little hill and go down a mini hill, you go super fast!!! All the hills were fun, but the one I described was da BOMB!!!

I didn’t  go on the black diamonds because I’ve crashed and fallen way too many times… and that was on the bunny hill too!!! I just got my green mark before lunch so that was worth it. In the chalet, I went into the food court and I got Chicken bites and fries, they were pretty good.  They reminded me of JJs Steakery in Minot, North Dakota a little. After I went back out.

On the way down the hill to get to the lift, I saw my friend down near the chair lift and she just got her green mark. So, I went on the chair lift with her.  She got scared of being up so high  because when she went on the lift last with someone, the person she went with fell off the lift so they lowered it midway to the top. She then figured out where it was and got over her fear of heights very quickly. We went up and down so many times ’till it was time to leave. I got myself a cherry Laffy Taffy and got my friend a raspberry Laffy Taffy. We got back at around 5ish. Then, I went home to the daily grind.

I never wanted to leave which is pretty good considering it was my first time. I wish I could repeat it over, minus the LONG bus ride.If you were there you would be bored out of your mind (that is, if you don’t bring any or barely anything like I did hehe)

Disclaimer: I just wrote this because I went there on a school trip.  No one asked me to.  All my opinions.

Ski Trips And News

In just a matter of days, I, Jessica will be embarking on my first ever ski trip with my grade 6 class to Manitoba. I, have never been skiing in my life so that makes it all the more exciting for me!!! We are spending the whole day there. I have to be there at 7:30 but, that’s a piece of cake because…I have gotten up at 5:30 and stayed up until 2:30. (Another story in a later post) It will be fun because it’s a new experience for me as  I am going downhill skiing and going on a ski lift.  The view will be awesome and the adrenaline will be ultra high. I like ultra high adrenaline. The breeze will be great too.

In other news, I have a few announcements/ news about my upcoming year as the 12 year old!!!

1. In April I am going away to Winnipeg for a VIP Concert starring R5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yayayayayay I’m really excited as it’s my first time seeing them.  I’ll be able to write about Winnipeg, the hotel we are staying at, and the concert hall.  Will be a different experience then TOronto.

2. The Ski trip to Manitoba  I was talking about up there.

3. I will be hosting an ask Jess on my email so just send a question to this address thejesspress11@gmail.com and at the end of the week on Friday I will sit down at the computer and answer every single on of your question on my blog. It can’t be anything personal (like where do I live or what last name is. stuff like that) or bad but other questions are fine. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)  I’m doing this because I want to meet new people.  Then I will find out about your website too.

4. I sent a letter to a company saying I would like to review a product of theirs and maybe do a contest.  Something to make my blog grow. I REALLY do hope they say yes, because it will be so much fun.  I would have to put their logo on my website too.  CROSS YOUR FINGERS they say yes 🙂

See ya later- Jessica


Bullying- Bullying is unacceptable especially toward kids.

Bullying is when a kid is either teasing, harming, or taunting another kid.  It makes the kid who is being taunted, harmed or teased feel really bad and don’t deserve to live.  And that’s not right. – my own definition.

At my old school I was not bullied.  The motto was  “be a buddy, not a bully”.  If there was bullying I don’t know about it.

Yesterday, I fell victim to verbal and physical bullying.  For a few weeks he has made faces at me.  Not in a good way.  He has glared at me for no reason whatsoever.  He told me to get away when I went to the swings.  He snatched MY phone from my hands and I had to say give it back at least 10 times. I did not stop till he gave it back to me.. He found out my locker code and blurted it aloud to the whole class.  It’s a word lock.  I would mix up the letters and go out for recess.  When I would come back it spelled my word combination.

Someone else spread rumours that were not true about me.  Saying I was spreading rumours about the boy.

I told my parents.  I told my principal and teacher.  They helped me.  They supported me.

Yes, it was dealt with.  The kid who was bullying me did apologize and I said it’s fine we’re good. But I know it could start up again and I need to be prepared!!  I’m actually nervous it might start up again.

I think I handled it well at the start because I stood up for my rights because I was being treated bad.  I did stand up for what I knew  was right and brought down the power that the bully thought he had.

I know that everywhere kids are committing suicide because of bullying.  I know that together we can stop bullying and help kids to not be a victim.  To stand up to those individuals who think they own the kids that they pick on. We are all the same, no one is different and no one can be perfect. We have to annihalte bullying so kids live their lives peacefully.

This is a good website to help kids know what bullying is and how to stop it.  http://bullyingcanada.ca/content/239900

PS.  This one my  mom helped me edit because I had a lot of thoughts.


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