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Multiple Things in One Post

There are many things to talk about but, I can’t figure out what to talk about. So, I am going to write a little paragraph of certain things that are on my mind!!!

The Manitoba Ski Trip:

My ski trip is tomorrow. It was the 30th but because of the weather now it’s tomorrow.  When it’s to cold frostbite can happen so fast so they kept putting it off.  I’m really excited. Like I said two posts ago, it’s my first ski trip. On the other hand, I’m a bit nervous… I mean, what if I fall and break something or get left behind. But, I can’t help being so EXCITED!!!! Just thinking about the hills, the wind in my hair, the conveyor belt for the bunny hill, the chair lift and the food at lunch. It all makes me even more anxious.

8 Months:

My family and I are just wrapping up 8 months here. Sure, I miss my life in Ontario, but things are really looking up for me.  I mean just read this list of good things that have happened to me:

Getting to go to an R5 concert (I get to meet them 🙂 )

Getting a better social life

Finally getting good in Soccer

Having new friends who trust me

Going skiing for the first time in my life

Being independent… and finally

Getting a pet

After this list, I am fully positive life here isn’t so bad after all.

Going clothes shopping:

I know this is an absurd topic for my readers who know me really well… If you don’t know me really well, then let me tell you this “I HAVE NEVER LIKE GOING CLOTHES SHOPPING”. But, I guess as you get older your interests start to change. I do have to admit this … clothes can be pretty cool… My  mom who has known me my whole life, was taken aback when I asked if we could go to Stitches yesterday.  I got a pair of pants.  I also got this Sweater that looks like a lizard, it has paws, a tail and that mohawk looking thing on the head. I was impressed with mySELF cuz I have never done this great in shopping for clothes.  Everything else A+.  Clothes – ehhhhh.  My older cousins would be so proud of this achievement.



Well, that’s it for this post!! Next Week: Skiing Has Never Been This Much Fun!!!


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