Welcome to the inner-workings of my mind

Sorry for the late post but, I was so busy with lot of things like: schoolwork, homework (just kidding) and helping the very thing get settled that says in the title and… the focus of this WONDERFUL post!!!

Last week on Wednesday, I got a pet, his name is Calvin. Is he a dog? I wish, is he a cat? Sadly… no, a hamster, ye… no, guinea pig?, no, a snake?, heck no those give me the creeps, but, Calvin, my dear little friend is… a Betta aka a Chinese  fighting FISH!!!

Now, you may think… a fish?! that’s a boring pet. But, surprisingly it’s not.  Being an only child I feel like a load of loneliness has been removed. Sure, he is a fish but he is a Fighting fish.  I wanted to take responsibility and now I can with Calvin.

Calvin, is a pretty cool fish. His colours are: Red, Purple, White and Blue. I feed him every morning clean the tank when I  need to and, every once in a while I kind of get the urge to annoy him a bit.

I did get a mirror that lets him reveal his true nature to me. It is pretty cool and kind of funny at the same time. When he sees himself he will actually get the impression that another fish is in his territory, so he will fan his fins out and do something that I like to call “growing the beard”.

The first few days I got worried because, like what if he dies or he gets stuck and no one will hear him because well… he’s a fish. But, I have begun to feel that that will absolutely not happen.

So, here is what I present to you and it’s called “The Life of Calvin (without Hobbes)”


What one… WHAT ONE!!!


The Investment completion.


In his new ‘crib’ for the first time


I have a beard and I’m not afraid to use it!!!

Well, that’s all for now, if you want, please leave a comment to wish me and Calvin the best. Stay tuned for the next post.



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