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Hey everybody!!  I would be talking about the ski trip but I’m not 😦 And here is why.

The ski trip was supposed to be the 22nd. Extreme Weather = heartbroken kids….especially me…who has never been skiing in her life.  It was something -31 C.  The chaperones/teachers didn’t even know if we had a bus driver. There is kind of a positive to the new date of the 30th and that is… I have a P.A day (school day off) on the 31st.  A really good weekend.  So it all works out in the end.

Now, you’re probably thinking why the title has ‘company update’ in it. No, I don’t run a company, I run a blogging Empire. But, the reason is this;I wrote to a company asking if I could review a product of theirs and maybe hold a contest.   I haven’t heard back from them. So, I will give it another shot with another company and cross my fingers for that letter.

The last thing I wanted to tell you.  Even though I’m not in Ontario anymore, there is still a little part of me that is 🙂  My older cousin sent a photo of me.  About 1 1/2 years ago, my mom and I entered a contest to be ambassadors of the library.  We had to write why we loved the library and we won !!  We did a photo shoot.

When I saw the picture I felt like One Direction!! It’s a big poster in the library.  I’M FAMOUS!!

Jessica lib

This is the picture my cousin took of my poster in the library.
I’m such a beaut!!!!


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