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The 12 Year Mark

January 11, my special day, the day I turn a year older, the day I celebrate with my friends, the day I go to the CN tower… but, wait a minute… I’m not in Toronto anymore. I’m here in Saskatchewan. Well, anyway… yesterday was my twelve birthday.  Back home there’s  so much to do.  Skyzone, CN Tower, Playdium, Movie theatre, bowling, and so much more.  In a small town far away from a city there isn’t that much to do.  It’s weird.  I had so much fun despite the location I’m in. Here’s what went down.

I got up at around 9ish keeping a careful eye on my ipad mini clock.  I was born at 10:10 am so I was cautious about it. 10:08, I race to my parents to spend the last 2 minutes of being 11 with the two people I’m close too. We talked and I look at the time 10:10 so I turned around and the first word of 12 yr old me was “HI”.  They sang happy birthday to me and then I opened presents.

My favourite present was the VIP package to the Winnipeg R5 concert. Way to go mom and dad!!  Made my day with it!!  In Toronto, my mom and I were going to the Big Ticket Summer Concert.  The traffic was so slow and so much.  When we got there we were right in front of the Molson Amphitheatre….sitting in our car…listening to R5.  When we got to the parking lot, the security said we couldn’t use that one.  We had to drive further and we missed R5.  I was devastated.  At least I got to see All Star Weekend, Veronica and Tyler Mederios.  I am looking forward to EVERYTHING!!!

Then after breakfast we went on a shopping spree. Here’s what I got.

Bulk Barn (a store where you can buy candy and other foods in bulk) – Radpack Gum, Warhead super sour drops and Airheads.

Coles (a bookstore) – Desktop Aquarium, Ripley’s Unbelievably Zany, you totally should get it, it’s really cool, and a mini One direction book. I kind of went overboard with this one but who cares… NOT ME #epicspree


My new pet – mom approved #immortal. I love Ripley’s Believe it or Not. One Direction #hunky

Right after my family went to Mr. Mikes.   I got to pick the place I wanted to go for my birthday dinner.  I picked there.  The food is like what I had in Minot, you can read about it in my post Minot of Life… Really good. I got a free desert. Worth it!!!

The day went fast and I wish I could do it over again but it was time too move on.

I also want to extend a happy birthday to my friend E back in Ontario.  Wish I was there to celebrate with you.


Flashback: On the way through Ontario. Read about it in my post the great journey.

 No matter where you are Carpe Diem!!


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  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a blast. Have fun being 12 🙂

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