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This week was an International SUCCESS for Press with Jess.  And I will tell you loyal people WHY!!!!!

It all started this past week when I was sitting happily on the living room couch watching TV.  My mom came to me with her phone in hand and said “look at this”.  So I did and what I saw just totally shocked me. On the site I was looking at was the newest Kids Blog Club article about the new kid bloggers. And there placed in number 4 was yours truly. And that’s just the beginning .

A U.k. adult  blogger Jessica Hodkinson saw that post.  She talked to my mom on twitter and asked me to guest post on her site.  I had so much fun doing that.

It’s giving me all the more confidence to keep strong, have fun in Saskatchewan and I can get through it even missing everyone in Ontario.

It’s been fun getting to know other kids blogs. I like reading them.

And now I am proud to announce Press with jess is now at over 400 views.

Special thanks to Kids Blog Club and Jessica Hodkinson in the U.K. for giving me the opportunity to do a guest post on her blog. All of this has helped me with confidence!!

Comments on: "How I Became International!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (3)

  1. Congratulations press with Jess! Angelica Tales has nominated your blog for the Reader Appreciation Award. Read more about this nomination at http://angelicatales.wordpress.com/category/news/

    Angelica Tales, magical tales for everyone xxx

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