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Moving – it sucks. I mean it. really. sucks…..a lot.  But the upside to having to move somewhere new, (for example, Ontario to Saskatchewan), is that you get to explore different parts your new community.  We just got back from Saskatoon, (which by the way is the closest I’ll ever get to Toronto here 😦 ), and I had a really great time.

20130827_115727 - Copy - Copy

Saskatoon Zoo – My captivated pet. LOVED HIM, I called him Timber.

IMG_20130826_165305 - Copy - Copy

On the Prairie Lily River Boat – It was cool.

IMG_20130826_164906 - Copy

Taking in the sites with my dad

IMG_20130826_164019 - Copy - Copy

Fooling around with my mom.

IMG_20130826_163853 - Copy - Copy

Being downstairs in the boat so close to water.


The boat.

IMG_20130826_145805 - Copy

Will I Am 🙂 they hold a Shakespeare event by the river every year.

IMG_20130826_145350 - Copy

Under the 25th Street Bridge on the Saskatchewan River


By the river on the walkway. A chinese pagoda.


3 hours to get to Saskatoon….3 hours of the scenery…for 3 hours…..This is not the fun part of moving to Sask

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